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Howard County, TX World War II Dead

Casualties Fall Heavily On Howard County's Men

The three and a half years required to crush Italy and German and at the same time fight off Japan have cost Howard county people heavily in casualties.

Here, from the Herald's files, are lists of the men who died in service and who either were from Howard county or list Howard county residents as next of kin. The list may be incomplete and the Herald would appreciate information concerning any names inadvertently missed.

S/Sgt. E. G. Christensen, Jr.; son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Christenson, Sr.; Sept. 16, 1943; in France.

T-5 Ira E. Butler, son of Mrs. Ida Butler, June 19, 1944, in France.
Lt. John F. Bailey, son of Mrs. Viola E. Bailey, April 10, 1944, in Central Pacific.

Cpl. Herman Appleton; son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Appleton; May 5, 1943; in North Africa.

F/O Cecil A. Weaver; wife, Mrs. C. A. Weaver; Feb. 4, 1945; in China.

S/Sgt. Ralph L. Weaver; son of Mrs. J. W. Bock of San Antonio; Feb. 6, 1945; in England.

Ens. Charles Edgar Clyburn; son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clyburn; July 13, 1943; near Kitty Hawk, N. C. in Atlantic.

Major Clifford J. Clyburn; son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Clyburn; Nov. 25, 1944, in France.

Lt. Earl L. McAlpine, son of Mrs. E. F. Pryor; July 28, 1943, near Fort Morgan, Colo.
Pfc. Pete Long, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Long, Sr.; Nov. 15, 1943, near Buckingham Army Air Field, Fort Myers, Fla.

Sgt. Herbert C. Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Arnold; June 20, 1943, from Laughlin Field (Del Rio) near Albany.
Cpl. John Sharp, next of kin not listed; Aug. 7, 1944, from Scott Field, Ill. near Ferguson, Mo.

Lt. James R. Oppenheim; wife, Capt. Gertrude G. Oppenheim; missing since Bataan campaign, 1942; presumed to be dead.

Lt. Buster Peek; wife, Mrs. Buster Peck; Aug. 31, 1943, in Germany.

T/Sgt. Frank C. Ferrell; son of Mrs. G. W. Ferrell; Aug. 1, 1943, Plocsti, Rumanian oil fields.

Pvt. Gordon Haynes; wife, Mrs. Marle Haynes; Feb. 1, 1945, in Germany.

Pfc. Willie O. Woody, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Woody; Nov. 19, 1943, died in Japanese prison camp; missing since fall of Bataan and Corregidor.

Pvt. Wilburn Watson, son of Mrs. Pearl Tatum; Sept. 20, 1943, in North Africa.

Pfc. Blake Talbott; wife, Mrs. Jackie Talbott; Oct. 2, 1944, in Italy.

S 1/c Jesse Lloyd White; wife, Mrs. J. L. White; Oct. 1944; died of tropical fever in Southwest Pacific.

Cpl. William E. Burchett; wife, Mrs. Edd Burchett; Nov. 7, 1944 in Mediterranean theatre.

S/Sgt. Paul Wadsworth, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wadsworth; Nov. 24, 1944, in England.

Pfc. Salvador Abreo; Nov. 17, 1944, in Germany.

Alva Ardis Chapman, T/5 Gr.; died from illness in Hawaii April 6, 1943.

Pfc. Talmadge (Tuffy) Jackson; brother, N. L. Jackson; Sept. 2, 1944; France.

Pfc. Burt Chandler; wife, Mrs. Burt Chandler; March 28, 1945; Germany.

Pfc. Jose Guerrero, Jr.; wife, Mrs. Carmela Guerrero; March 7. 1945; Germany.

Pfc. Clant Higginbotham, Jr.; parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Higginbotham; April 9, 1945; Germany.

T/Sgt. Paul H. Coburn; Mrs. Maggie G. Coburn, mother; Nov. 9, 1944; China.

Pvt. James Monroe Tucker; wife; Mrs. Ruth Tucker; parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tucker; March 29, 1945; Germany.

Pfc. Ben Schafer, Jr.; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schafer, Sr.; April 5, 1945; Philippines.

Pfc. George Burchell, Jr.; wife, Mrs. Jackie Watts Burchell; March 22, 1945; Germany.

Lt. D. M. Johnson; wife, Mrs. Sara Reidy Johnson; July 8, 1944; France.

Pfc. Vernon Holcombe; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Holcombe; April 3, 1945; Germany.

Hester Eddie Brown; parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. L. Brown; July 1, 1942; England.

Troy Wade Porch, RM1/C; parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Porch; Nov. 12, 1943; Japanese prison camp.

Lt. Wayne Hardwick; sister, Mrs. Pete Banks; May 19, 1944; Germany.

First Sgt. H. E. Franklin; wife, Mrs. Tommie Jo Franklin; July 5, 1944, Italy.

Pvt. David Lamun; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lamun; July 3, 1944; France.

Lt. William L. Alexander; parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Alexander; July 17, 1943; North Sea.

Pvt. Archie F. Ford; parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ford; July 15, 1944; France.

Pfc. Tom H. Painter; mother, Mrs. Tom Alice Proctor; Aug. 31, 1944.

Cpl. Henderson (Buster) Crockett; wife, Mrs. Henderson Crockett; Feb. 22, 1945; Iwo Jima.

Pfc. Chester C. Blake; brother, J. M. Blake of Knott; March, 1945; Angaur Island.

Pfc. Sterling Tucker; parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Tucker; March 21, 1945; Germany.

Sgt. Raymond L. Ely; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ely; October 8, 1943; Southwest Pacific area.

Cpl. Roy Gene Franklin; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Franklin; June 10, 1943; North Africa.

Jackie Lee Teague, S 1/C; mother, Mrs. Leona Teague; Feb. 13, 1944; at sea.

Lt. Cecil Edmonson; mother, Mrs. Sallie B. Edmonson, August 26, 1944; French Morocco.

Lt. Denny C. Ivey, USNR, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Ivey; 1945; on carrier in Pacific.

Lt. Bernie L. (Bossy) Scudday; mother, Mrs. Pearl Scudday; June 27, 1944; France.

Pvt. Travis Lee Smith; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith; Germany.

Lt. Leonard Skiles; wife, Mrs. Mattie Skiles; July 1, 1943; Japanese prison camp.

Lt. Cecil R. Brown; wife, Mrs. Gussie Mae Brown; April 13, 1944; Belgium.

Big Spring Daily Herald, Big Spring, TX 8 May 1945

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