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Denton, John B. - Capt.


Bones Will Be Reinterred at Denton Next Thursday.

Special To The News.

Denton, Tex., Nov. 18.---The program for the interment of the remains of Col. John B. Denton is being prepared and will be carried out in full next Thursday, when the bones will be laid to rest in the southeast corner of the courthouse yard. Old settlers from all over this part of the State have been invited and are expected to be present. A movement for a monument is under headway.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 Nov 1901



Buried in the Courthouse Yard at Denton---Two Sons Among Those Present.

Special To The News.

Denton, Tex., Nov. 21.---The movement which began more than a year ago to locate the remains of Capt. John B. Denton, for whom this city and county were named, and, if found, to give them a public burial, culminated here this afternoon in the interment, publicly and with befitting ceremonies, of his bones. The interment place is a public property, Capt. Denton's life having been surrendered in a public cause, that of fighting back the hordes of Indians who threatened to sweep the State from west to east in 1843.

The ceremonies began in the District Court room with 600 or more person present, including many of the older settlers of the county and this section of the State. Two sons of Capt. Denton, Revs. J. F. Denton of Weatherford and John B. Denton, Jr. of Clay County, and one grandson, Prof. Wm. Baker of Ellis County, were the only descendants of the deceased present, and they occupied seats of honor in front of the bier, on which in state lay the coffin containing all the bones found unbroken.

Rev. Wm. Allen of Erudia, himself a pioneer preacher, was the master of ceremonies, he and Rev. J. W. Chalk, another old-time minister, occupying the chair. Rev. Allen made the principal address of the occasion, Rev. J. E. Chalk and the relatives present of Capt. Denton also making short talks. A movement will be begun at once looking toward the erection of a handsome monument over the grave, which is in the southeast corner of the courthouse yard.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 22 Nov 1901

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