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Beauchamp, P. G.

P. G. BEAUCHAMP, Collinsville, Texas.—Born in DeKalb County, near Stone Mountain, Ga., and joined the Confederate Army June 26, 1861, at Daingerfield. Texas, as private in Company A, First Texas Legion, G.. Ross' Brigade, Gen. Jackson's Division, Gen. Polk's Carps, Army of Tennessee. My first Captain was E. R. Hawkins and first Colonel was J. W. Whitfield. I came with my parents to Texas in 1856 and went with Gen. McCulloch into the Indian Territory to relieve our friendly Indians from the depredations of the "Kansas' Jayhawkers." Jim Lane, with his band of wild Indians, were plundering that part of the country. We drove them across what is now the northern boundary of Oklahoma. We got all of their women and children and killed most of the men. We never heard of them afterwards. We were on this raid two months—.December and January—and came near freezing several times. Were without anything to eat eight days at one time except two Indian ponies and some buffalo hides. We all looked like we had been through a spell of sickness, but with plenty to eat we were soon all right again. Our noble Gens. McCulloch and McIntosh were killed at Elkhorn. I was then sent across the Mississippi and attached to the Tennessee army and remained there till the close of the war. I was in two battles at Corinth, Miss. Was in thirteen hard fought battles altogether, besides many skirmishes and smaller engagements. Was in two battles at Franklin, Tenn., Thompson Station, Columbia, Tenn., Iuka, as well as all the fighting from Dalton to Atlanta and Jonesboro and back to Franklin. It would lake quite a book to tell of all the battles and other smaller engagements I was in during the four long years. I was never at home during the whole time. You ask me to say something of my dead comrades. I had so many dear comrades killed that to mention some without all would seem wrong, but there is one incident I must relate.

At the battle of Thompson Station, Tenn., near the center of the battlefield there lived an old man and his three daughters in a large brick house. In this engagement we had to charge the enemy three times and those girls came out and charged with us each time, cheering the boys on. Above the roar and din of battle we could hear their voices and when he had won the battle we brought the dead and wounded in the yard and those girls tore up their dresses to bandage the wounded soldiers.

No other war ever had such heroes and heroines.

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