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Co H, First Texas Cavalry 1861 from Bell County, Texas

Captain J. Swan Bighorn's Company (also known as Green Davidon's Company)
Roll compiled by Capt. J. Swan Bigham, Jas. A. Polk and James A. Holcomb.
Company H First Texas Cavalry, 1861.

Mat Kuykendoll, First Lieutenant
J. Swan Bighorn, Captain
James Bell, Second Lieutenant

Aynesworth, Isaiah H.
Alexander, John T.
Anderson Jack
Bates, Wilson
Beeman, G. A.
Bell, Thomas
Bell, William
Bellamy, Frank
Bales, Tom
Berry, Thomas H.
Bigham, Robert C.
Bigham, Wm. Nix
Bishop, Orland
Bishop, Lycurgus
Bishop, Sam
Blair, Jesse
Broussard, Isaiah
Brown, William
Cantrell, Henry
Clark, John
Coop, James, P.
Cobler, Caston
Cobler, Quince
Casber, Tom
Cable, _____
Crass, Martin L.
Crass, Sim
Christian, Jim
Davis, A. W.
Dawson, George
Elliott, James
Evans, John
Franklin, Nat
Gallatin, Sam
Gallatin, William
Graves, _____
Griffin, David C.
Griffith, Harrison
Hallmark, W. R.
Harmon, Edward
Heard, Hubbard
Holcomb. James A.
Holcomb, F. W.
Holcomb, Thomas
Holcomb, Thomas
Holcomb. William R.
Holcomb, William Newton
Hughes, Calvin
Johnson, William
Kelley, John
Edley, Thomas
Kuykendoll, Boase
Kuykendoll, George
Kuykendoll, Robert
Lane, James
Lane, John
Leach, Thomas
Ludlow, Henry Sumner
Marshall, James
Marshall, Pleas
Marshall, William
Mackey, Columbus
McCoy, Tom
McDonald, James
McNair, Duncan
McNair, James
Moore, Dan
Moore, James
Morris, Ed
Morris, John
Morris, Oliver
Morris, R. P.
Morris, Sam
Morris, William
Moseley, James
Nailor, Columbus
Northcertt, Elihu
Pace, Ed
Polk, Jas. A.
Potter, Drury D.
Pulliam, Sam
Rancier, Ed. J.
Randolph, Robert
Rich, Robert A.
Roberts, Abe
Roberts, Wade
Scott, Jerry D.
Scott, Larkin
Scott Robert
Scott, William
Shelton, Sam
Smalley, Riley
Slaughter, James
Stokenberry, Henry
Thompson, A. Crom
Thompson, J. Mack
Walker, Jerry
Warren, George W.
Whitley, William
Whitney, Allen
Williams, Dock
Williams, James
Williams, James (Red)
Williams, William
Wise, Thomas
Woodruff, David
Young, Hasting

History of Bell County, Texas, Bell County, Tex.: Bell County Historical Society, 1970

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