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Lacy, Leroy C.


Rotan Wife Gets Jolt as GI Husband Phones From Korea

ROTAN, Feb. 9.--(RNS)--When Dixie Lee Lacy answered the telephone at 8:30 Thursday evening, she thought it was one of her neighbors calling for a friendly chat.

It was the long distance operator. Obtaining her identity, the operator said---"Just a moment Mrs. Lacy, Korea is calling."

"I held on to the telephone, and sat flat down on the floor," Mrs. Lacy said.

The next thing she remembers she was calling to her four-year-old son David LeRoy--"It's Korea! It's daddy!"

About that time she heard the voice of her husband Pvt LeRoy C. Lacy, calling from Pusan, in southern Korea. His voice was relayed by Mackay Radio to the United States, and she said she could hear him clearly--in fact--twice. Everything he said was echoed.

It was bedtime in Rotan, but it was just past breakfast time in Korea, Thursday, here: Friday there.

Pvt. Lacy talked for three minutes. He said that his outfit in which he is a cook, was moving up again, and that the weather was getting warmer. He said that the biggest gripe was the very poor mail service.


Then David LeRoy talked to his daddy. In his excitement he could think of only one thing to tell--the thing that had been uppermost in his mind since his grandmother called from Kansas last Sunday.

"My little grandma's got some pigs." he shouted, and then repeated, "Daddy, she got some little bitty pigs."

Having relayed his important message across the world to his daddy, he handed the receiver back to his mother.

"I was so excited that I guess I sounded like an idiot," Mrs. Lacy said. "I kept asking him if he was all right and if he was getting my letters. He kept repeating that he was all right, but that the mail service was very bad."

"When the connection was broken, I just kept holding the receiver," she said.

The Lacys are both natives of Kansas. They came to Rotan almost three years ago and Lacy worked in the laboratory of the Rotan National Gypsum plant. Mrs. Lacy is now employed in the office at the plant.

Lacy served with the 106th Infantry, 28th Division, during World War 11 and helped fight the Battle of the Bulge. Now only 26, he went into service right out of high school and fought in three major battles in the European theater. An Army reservist, he was called to active duty last Sept. 30, and landed in Korea on Christmas Day.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 10 Feb 1951

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