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Allen Co IN War Heroes

Adams, Harold T.World War I
Ahrens, William H.World War I
Alden, Spencer Thorndyke - EnsignWorld War I
Allen, AlexanderMexican War
Baron, CharlesWorld War I
Behrman, LansingWorld War I
Berry, John C. - SergeantWorld War I
Betz, Walter G.World War I
Bingham, J. D. - GenCivil War
Boaeuf, LeoWorld War I
Board, Albert B.World War I
Boerger, Alfred B.World War I
Boseker, Otto W.World War I
Bowser, Robert WilsonWorld War I
Bradtmiller, EhrhartWorld War I
Brintzenhofe, AlbertWorld War I
Buell, Grace GlennWorld War I
Buuck, Henry C.World War I
Byrd, Russell F.World War I
Byron, Patricia IreneWorld War I
Confrancesco, AntinoWorld War I
Cook, Fred M.World War I
Cox, Harold A. - CorporalWorld War I
Crall, Delphus J. - SergeantWorld War I
Cranston, Edward J. - SergeantWorld War I
Cunion, George N. - CorporalWorld War I
Diffenderfer, Davis AlcornWorld War I
Dowling, William M. - SergeantWorld War I
Dullaghan, Frank LouisSpanish American War | World War I
Eby, James - CorporalWorld War I
Ecenbarger, Everett W.World War I
Echelmeier, Edwin H.World War I
Elion, AlfredWorld War I
English, Clarence B.World War I
Farley, GarlandWorld War I
Farrell, John C. World War I
Feusner, WalterWorld War I
Gabet, Walter Frank - SergeantWorld War I
Gillespie, William L.Mexican Border War | World War I
Girard, Joseph A.Mexican Border War | World War I

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