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Killed at Santiago, Jul 1- 5, 1898


List of the Dead on Our Side at Santiago up to Date.

From the official reports of the War Department and from other less authentic sources the following list of fatalities and casualties among the American troops at Santiago since Friday has been compiled:


Official List

Col. CHARLES A. WICKOFF, Twenty-second Infantry

Lieut. Col. JOHN M. HAMILTON, Ninth Cavalry

Major ALBERT G. FORSE, First Cavalry

Capt. WILLIAM O'NEILL, First Volunteer Cavalry

Lieut. MICHIE, son of Prof. Michie

Lieut. WILLIAM E. SHIPP, Tenth Cavalry

Lieut. JULES G. ORD, Sixth Infantry

Lieut. W. H. SMITH, Tenth Cavalry.



Major ALBERT G. FORSE, First Cavalry
Capt. W. F. BRUNS, Tenth Infantry
Capt. JAMES FORNANCE, Company F, Thirteenth Infantry, New Hampshire
Capt. THEOPHILUS W. MORRISON, Sixteenth Infantry
Lieut. HENRY B. McCORKLE, Twenty-fifth Infantry
First Lieut. W. H. SMITH, Tenth Cavalry
Second Lieut. J. J. BENCHLEY, Company E, Sixth Infantry
Second Lieut. HENRY L. McCORKLE, Twenty-fifth Infantry, Tennessee
Second Lieut. DENNIS M. MICHIE, Seventeenth Infantry, New York
Second Lieut. WILLIAM A. SATER, Thirteenth Infantry, Ohio
Sergt. HENRY ANDERSON, Company A, First Calvary
Sergt. F. W. SCHOFIELD, Company A, Seventy-first Regiment, 500 Grand Street, New York
Corp. GEORGE L. IMMEN, Company C, Seventy-first Regiment, 477 Fourth Avenue, New York
JOHN BUTLER, private, Company E, Sixth Volunteers
JAMES HELLEN, Battery A, Second Artillery
EDWARD HOLLAND, Company H, Seventy-first Regiment, 974 Boston Avenue, New York
_____ McCOY, Battery A, Second Artillery
LEWIS B. SKINNER, Company B, Seventy-first Regiment, Chester, Morris County, N. Y.
Lieut. W. E. STRIPP, Tenth Cavalry, Brigade Quartermaster on Gen. Young's staff
A. P. UNDERWOOD, Battery A, Second Artillery
_____ WAGNER, Battery E, Second Artillery

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Jul 1898

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