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American Soldiers Dead in Manila, Sept 1900


General MacArthur Sends Another List From Manila.

Washington, Sept. 25.---General MacArthur at Manila today sent the following list of deaths:

Dysentery--September 15, Thirty-eighth infantry, William A. Bower;
September 15, Twenty-first infantry, Cormac Brennan;
September 17, Thirtieth infantry, Paul Brum;
September 18, Thirty-ninth infantry, William T. Graham;
September 10, Twenty-fifth infantry, James M. Thomas;
September 20, Corporal Monroe M. Thomas;
September 21, Thirty-first infantry, Fred Wetter;
August 17, Thirty-first infantry, Anothony H. Starkey;
August 28, Twenty-third infantry, Charles J. Neipp.

Typhoid fever--September 22, Saturday, Francis K. Meade, first lieutenant;
September 12, Fourth cavalry, William Hart;
September 14, hospital corps, Walter B. Price;
September 2, Thirty-first infantry, Thomas Williams;
August 12, Thirty-first infantry, William B. Thompson.

Edocarditis--September 19, Twentieah[sic] infantry, Albert B. Crabb.

Malarial fever--Ceptember[sic] 18, Thirty-fourth infantry, Artificer Charles O. Daniels;
Fourth infantry, Cook Alexander White;
September 10, signal corps, William Stevens.

Died from wounds received in action--September 18, Fifteenth infantry. Charles P. Parsons;
August 20, Corporal Perrent Foster;
September 20, Twentieth infantry, William Kelch.

Diarrhoea[sic]-- September 16, Forty-first infantry, Corporal Frank Burke;
September 20, Thirty-seventh infantry William H. Reed.

Interitis--September 19--Thirtieth infantry, Ward Sopher;
September 17, hospital corps, Maitzo Hagen;
August 4, Thirtieth infantry, Matthew O. Brown.

Hydrophobia--September 15, Fourth infantry, Olive Williams.

Nephritis--September 11, Forty-sixth infantry, Corporal John D. Hayes.

Diabetis[sic]--September 18, Twenty-first infantry, George Kling.

Killed by Charles MacQueston, captain of the Fourth infantry, while demented.
September 14, Fourth infantry, Sergeant Frank S. Dunn.

Sepictima[sic]--August 21, Forty-fifth infantry, Alva W. Petro.

Tuberculosis--September 15, Third infantry, George White.

Abcess[sic] of Liver--September 10, Tenth infantry, Corporal Cartner.

Darapegia[sic]-- September 16, Thirty-third infantry, John G. Burns.

Butte Weekly Miner, Butte, MT 27 Sept 1900

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