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Lee, Stephen D. - Gen.




One of last three lieutenant generals of the South and head of confederate veterans---Prominent at siege of Vicksburg.

Vicksburg, Miss., May 28.---Gen. Stephen D. Lee, commander-in-chief of the Confederate Veterans, and one of the last three surviving lieutenant generals of the confederacy, died here today.

General Lee directed the firing of the first shot of the civil war. He was one of the two officers of the South Carolina troops sent by General Beauregard to demand the surrender of Fort Sumter, and upon refusal of this demand, he ordered the nearest battery to fire on the fort.

Overexertion Thursday in the ceremonies attending upon the reunion of Iowa and Wisconsin veterans of the Grand Army of the Republic at Vicksburg brought on his illness. Following the reception of the northern visitors, in which General Lee took a leading part, he suffered an attack of acute-indigestion, but later rallied, and during the past week showed much improvement. He again collapsed yesterday and gradually grew weaker, until death relieved his sufferings shortly after 6 o'clock this morning.

General Lee was born in South Carolina in 1833. He received his appointment to the United States military academy at West Point and graduated at that institution, receiving his commission in the artillery. At the outbreak of the civil was General Lee resigned his commission in the United States army and entered the confederacy. He served the confederate army in Virginia until after the battle of Antietam, when he was made a brigadier general and sent to Vicksburg.

Siege of Vicksburg.

General Lee played a prominent part in the siege of Vicksburg and following the fall of that city was taken prisoner. He was later exchanged and promoted to the Southwest. He was subsequently assigned to the army of the Tennessee, with the rank of lieutenant general, and served until the close of hostilities. At the close of the war General Lee devoted himself to the education of southern agriculture and mechanical college.

On the death of Gen. John B. Gordon, General Lee was unanimously chosen commander-in-chief of the United Confederate Veterans and was always the most conspicuous figure at the annual reunions. Just before his death he was preparing for the reunion, June 8, at Birmingham, and already had completed the task of assigning commanders and officers for those positions which are appointive on such occasions.

His Latest Position.

General Lee held under the United States government the office of commander of Vicksburg national military park. It was in this park that several hundred monuments were unveiled by the Iowa and Wisconsin veterans Thursday.

General Lee's home was at Columbus, Miss.,...and the body probably will be taken there for interment.

President Roosevelt, who was a great admirer of General Lee, was among the first to send condolences.

The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, MT 29 May 1908

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