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Newport, RI Service Inductees, Dec 24, 1943


30 of Local Group Accepted Are Fathers.

22 to go Into Army, 15 Navy, Two to Marines; Inductees Listed

Thirty-nine of the 70 men sent by Board 1, this city, to the Providence induction center Wednesday passed the required physical tests and were inducted into the armed services, it was announced late in the day. Of those accepted, 22, including 16 fathers, went into the army, 15, including 13 fathers into the navy, and two, including one father, into the Marine Corps. Acceptance of 30 of the 53 fathers who left here was a higher percentage than has generally been the case. In some recent drafts about half the fathers were rejected for physical reasons. This time, nearly half the single men failed to make the grade, eight out of 17 being rejected.

George Sherman, Jr., was named acting corporal of the army group, which will leave Newport January 12 to report at Fort Devens, Mass. Philip C. Sullivan who left here in charge of the induction group has been accepted for service in the navy.

These men were inducted, those with (F) after their names, being fathers.


William H. A. Harvey (F), 8 Baracy street
Joseph A. Oncher (F), 31 Gould street
William A. Wright, (F), 19 Congdon avenue
Maurice Joseph Kelly (F), 42 Thurston avenue
George A. Sherman (F), 28 Walnut street
Melvin E. Nine (F), Walnut street
Joseph G. O'Connor (F), 13 Coddington wharf
James W. Dye (F), Vinland, Ochre Point
Howard North, 38 Whitwell avenue
Karl W. Budington, Block Island
Harry G. Hearson, (F), 6 Battery street
William J. Canning, 121 Niagara street, The Anchorage
Albert N. Millington, Jr., 12 Elliott place
William P. Botelho (F), 45 North road, Jamestown
John O. Mason, Jr. (F), 4 Broadway
Lieu Tai Hey, 5 Washington square
Francis G. Smith, 13 Hammond street
Harold E. Riley (F), 19 Fahey street, Tonomy Hill
Henry E. Barber (F), 3 Studdard court
Howard A. Lopes (F), 36 Marlborough street
Samuel K. Parker (F), 15 Burnside avenue
William H. Perkins (F), 4 Pearl street

John F. Thomas (F), Block Island
Edward J. Roderick (F), 106 Spring street
Ray W. Barker (F), 20 County street
Joseph M. Tavares (F), 17 Oak street
Frank F. Pine (F), 16 Marsh street
Manuel Texeira (F), 74 Warner street
Philip C. Sullivan (F), 6 Berkeley terrace
John A. Russell (F), 161 Park-Holm
John T. Dufresne (F), 151 Lawrence avenue, The Anchorage
Joseph P. Souza, 33 Corne street
Ernest B. Weston (F), 23 Pearl street
Arthur A. Smith (F), 12 Fuhey street, Tonomy Hill
James Griffin, Jr., (F), 6 Cross street
Joseph D. Champagne, Lawrence, Mass., 33 Bull street

Michael J. Baccari (F), 74 Warner street
Robert J. Hoyle, 8 Boughton road

Mercury And Weekly News, Newport, RI 24 Dec 1943

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