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Newport, RI Service Inductees, Dec 17, 1943


Newport Sends Three of 32 in Contingent

Tiverton Furnishes 9, Portsmouth 7, Middletown 4; Tiverton Acts as Leader.

Seventeen of the 32 men called for induction Thursday by Board 2, Newport County towns, are pre-Pearl Harbor fathers. The group, with William S. Grinnell of Highland road, Tiverton, as leader, left by special bus for the physical examinations at the Providence induction center.

Newport furnished three men of the present quota, the second for that board this month. Tiverton furnished nine, Portsmouth seven, Little Compton six, Middletown four, Fall River two, and Providence one.

These men were named, those with F after their names being fathers, and the first three on the list being volunteers:

Winston C. Hart, Adamsville
George Arruda, Main road, Tiverton
Jean Araeneault, Quequechan street, Fall River, F
William S. Grinnell, Highland road, Tiverton, F
Joseph P. Perry, Jr., Walcott avenue, Middletown, F
Arnold Casvant, 14 Main road, North Tiverton, F
Ernest Wamboldt, Lester street, Fall River, F
Raymond Hathaway, East Main road, Little Compton, F
John Silva, 36 Sheffield avenue, Newport, F
Michael Perilngleri, Aquidneck avenue, Middletown, F
Kenneth Wilber, East Main road, Little Compton, F
Merton Petty, Shaw road, Little Compton, F
Peter Toppa, Aquidneck avenue, Middletown, F
Manuel Fereira, Crandall road, Tiverton, F
Merrill Chace, East Main road, Portsmouth, F
Jacques Blastre, Jr., West Narragansett avenue, Newport, F
Wilfred Matthews, Priory School, Portsmouth, F
Roy Sigley, Aquidneck avenue, Middletown, F
Rudolphe Barrette, Grover street, Providence
George Wheeler, Bristol Ferry road, Portsmouth
Manuel Rapose, Wapping road, Portsmouth
Manuel Lewis, Jr., East Main road, Little Compton
Edward Helger, Main road, Tiverton
George Gleason, Park avenue, Portsmouth
Antone Arruda, East Main road, Portsmouth
Benjamin Oliveria, 133 Crandall road, Tiverton
Antone Viera, 9 Richmond street, Newport
Joseph Santos, 128 Hooper street, North Tiverton
Richad Hart, Main road, Tiverton
Francis Bahia, Swamp orad[sic], Little Compton

Newport Mercury And Weekly News, Newport, RI 17 Dec 1943



21 Enter Navy, 12 Army, Two Marine Corps

20 Fathers Pass Physical Tests; Four Aviation Cadets In Draft Quota

Fifty per cent of pre Pearl Harbor fathers, sent by Board 1, this city, to the Providence induction center last Friday, failed to pass final physical examinations for entrance into the armed services. Of the entire quota of 63 men leaving here, 35 were accepted, 21 for the navy, 12 for the army, and two for the Marine Corps.

The latest Newport contingent contained 40 fathers, but only 20, just half, were found physically fit, 16 being put into the navy and four into the army. Among those rejected was Charles F. Kent of Washington street, father of nine children.

John J. Murphy, Easton's Beach superintendent, who was leader of the group, was accepted for army duty. He is the father of three children. He will head the local contingent when it leaves here January 3 for the reception center at Fort Devens, Mass. Francis Mortimer Clifford, a father, who was named assistant leader, was inducted into the navy. He will leave here in a week's time.

Four of the 12 men accepted for army duty were aviation cadets. They have been placed under the jurisdiction of Fort Adams.

These men were accepted:


George Mitchell Caswell, 73 Evans street, Tonomy Hill

William Sims Busch, 32 Division street
Samuel Bateman, Jr. (F), 31½ Franklin street
Charles Stoneman Smith (F), 33½ Washington street
Herman Ellsworth Haire (F), 38 Bridge street
John Joseph Murphy (F), 6 Champlin place
William James Burrows, 25 Eastnor road
Daniel Francis Sheehan, 77 Pope Island
Gerald Joseph Shea, 7 Harrington street
John Bliss Mason, 15 Cherry street
Harry Haworth Nylen, District Court Bldg. Attleboro, Mass., 35 Evans street, Tonomy Hill
Caswell, Busch, Burrows and Shea are the aviation cadets.

James Chase Riley (F), 3½ Cowie street, Tonomy Hill
Richard Francis Bestoso (F), 7 Everett street
Joseph Arthur Busch (F), 9 Elliott place
Gilbert Silva, (F), 7 East street
William John Eddy (F), 9½ Narragansett avenue
Samuel Joseph Pullen, 242 McGowan street, Fall River
George Arthur Chamberlain (F), 5 Morton avenue
Itermo Joseph Bolani (F), 20 Johnson court
Francis Mortimer Clifford (F), 7 Berkeley terrace
Frank Leite Flowers, Jr. (F), 31 Sheffield avenue
Edmund John Houlihan (F), 35 Congdon avenue
Charles Joseph Connolly (F), 7 North Baptist street
Michael Paul Virgadamo (F), 20 Poplar street
Joseph Moniz (F), 12 Holland street
Wilbur Nelson, Jr. (F), 3 Ellwood place
Fernand Joseph Arbour (F), 3 White street
William Joseph Clinton, 30 Second street
James Miranda (F), 14 Peckham avenue
Kenneth William Clarke, 110 Thames street
Richard Smith, Goodwin, 709 Elmwood avenue, Buffalo, N. Y., 11 Francis street.
Frank Edward Gidius, 183 {info missing}

Marine Corps
Alden S. Farnum, 93 Sims street, Tonomy Hill
Manuel P. Mello, Malbone road.

Mercury And Weekly News, Newport, RI 17 Dec 1943

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