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Revolutionary War Field Officers Alive, Jan 1829

From the New York Commercial Advertiser.

The Patriots of the Revolution—The following letter from an esteemed correspondent at Washington, with the list annexed, which we believe to be correct, will be read, we are persuaded, with much interest by those who love and revere, as they ought to do the soldiers who achieved our independence. Much credit, nay, immortal honor, is due to those who contended against cold blooded indifference, and miserable hypocrisy disguised under the garb of democratic economy, to obtain for these worthies, to whom antiquity would have raised columns and temples, a pittance, which to some of them is an actual support. We are not in favor of pushing the matter further, but our correspondent’s statement, shows conclusively how much more handsomely the thing might have been done.

WASHINGTON, Jan 4, 1829.

I send you here with a list of all the surviving Field Officers fo the Army of the Revolution, who have applied for and received their pay under the act of the last session of Congress; and it is a very remarkable fact that there are now only 26 of them living; that of that number there are but 5 Colonels, 3 Lieutenant Colonels, and 18 Majors. had the law provided for giving to these Officers their full pay instead of cutting them down to the pay of a Captain, which is mortifying to their feelings the additional expense to the Government would not exceed $1800 annually. If you think the information worth giving the public, you are at liberty to do so. I took the copy myself, and it is nearly accurate.

The names of the Field Officers of the army of the Revolution, who have applied for and received the pay under the Act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the army of the Revolution, passed at the last session of Congress:

Philip Van Cortlandt, Colonel, New York
Hodijiah Baylies, Major, Mass.
John Armstrong, do, N. York
Samuel Finly, do, Virginia Line
Charles Pelham, do, do, do
Richard Taylor, Lieut-Colonel, do, do
Wm. Taylor, Major, do, do
Samuel Reading, do, N.C.
Thomas Pinckney, do, S. C.--dead
James Hamilton, do, Penn
William Barton, Colonel, R. I.
Daniel Lyman, Major, do
Israel Angell, Colonel, R. I. Line
Samuel Ward, Lieut. Colonel, do, do
John S. Dexter, Major do--do
William Peck, do --do
Wm. D. Beal, do, Maryland line
James Carr, do, New Hampshire
Richard Platt, do, New York line
J. Livingston, Colonel, do
M. Willett, Lieutenant Colonel, do
N. Fish, Major, do
Abraham Buford, Colonel, Virginia
John Burnham, Major, Connecticut
Nath. Rice, do, do
Henry Dearborne, Lieutenant Colonel, H. H.
Caleb North, Colonel, Pennsylvania

Baltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser, Baltimore, MD 13 Jan 1829

[note: "do" was an abbreviation for "ditto"]

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