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Pennsylvania Officers in Libby Prison, Sept 12, 1864

Soldiers in Rebel Prisons


Brig. Gen. W. F. Bartlett
Brig. Gen. Jos. Hayes, 1st Brigade, 2d Division, 5th Corps.
Asst. Ins. Gen. L. R. McDonough, 3d Division, 10th Army Corps.
Col. W. R. Hartshorne, 190th Pennsylvania
Lieut. Col. Leach, 90th Pennsylvania
First Lieut. Stephen P. Corlis
Capt. F. E. Crawford, 116th Pennsylvania
Capt. B. Parsons
Capt. Wm. Cook, 9th United States Col'd Troops.
Capt. James M. Trippe.
Capt. J. D. Wood Assistant Adjutant General
Capt. John D. Conley
Capt. W. R. Burkett, Co. H, 2d Penna. Res.
Capt. E. D. Roath, Co. E, 107th Pennsylvania
Capt. Benj. P. Sloan, Co. G., 2d Penna. Cavalry
Lieut. Geo. C. Stair, 107th Pennsylvania, Co. A.
Lieut. Thos. M. Fisher, 1st Pennsylvania, Co. B.
Lieut. A. M. K. Storrie, 1st Penna., Co. A
Lieut. Z. B. Spinger, 116th Pennsylvania, Co. K
Lieut. J. T. Connelly, aid-de-camp.
Lieut. W. B. Knower.
Lieut. Hugh Watts
Lieut. T. H. Fisher, aid-de-camp to Gen. Mott.
Lieut. C. V. Mesler
Lieut. O. C. Hawkins
Lieut. George French
Lieut. J. P. thomas
Lieut. R. H. Walk
Lieut. John T. Riley, 90th Pennsylvania
Lieut. G. W. Huff, Co. D, 107th Pennsylvania
Lieut. H. M. Munsell, Co. C, 99th Pennsylvania
Lieut. S. S. Hager, Co. F, 141st Pennsylvania
Lieut. Wm. E. Hikey, ---Pennsylvania
Lieut. B. F. Wright, 190th Pennsylvania
Lieut. L. Von De Bogart, 2d Penna., Reserves.

The Press, Philadelphia, PA 20 Sept 1864

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