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39th Regiment, Company B Roster, recruited from Mercer County PA

39TH REGIMENT -(Three Years' Service-Tenth Reserve).

Company B-(Recruited at West Middlesex, Mercer County).

Captains-Thomas McConnell and Joseph B. Pattee, June 19th, '61.

1st Lieutenant-Charles N. Jackson, June 19th, '61. 2d Lieutenant--David Farrell, June 19th, '61.

1st Sergeant-John W. Porter, June 19th, '61. Sergeants-A. H. McWilliams, William N. Johnson, John B. Crawford, Jefferson C. Wentz, David Gilleland, June 19th, '61; Irvine Miller, August 4th, '61.

Corporals-George Wareham, William F. Barnett, Robert C. Crossman, William A. Edenburn, John B. Caldwell, Joseph Baker, June 19th, '61; Norman Johnson, July 5th, '61; Frazer Dillan, Dennison Jacobs, June 19th, '61; John McConnell, July 15th, '61; John Brown, June 19th, '61; William B. Maxwell, August 4th, '61.

Privates-Eli J. Ague, August 4th, '61; Henry M. Arbaugh,* Menzon Beverly, Walter D. Byers, S. Bartholomew, Garret Buckalew, Samuel M. Bell, George W. Beaver,* Samuel B. Clark, Charles R. Clark, Samuel B. Clawges, Henry W. Case, Leonard Curtis, Samuel Clark, Timothy Camp-man, Robert Caldwell,* R. A. Dunmire, June 19th, '61 ; Jonathan Dunham, July 15th, '61; Clark C. Davis, Cornelius Donavan, Alfred C. Day, Isaac Eaton,* James R. Feather, June 19th, '61; James Faucett, July 15th, '61; William J. Gardner, June 19th, '61; John H. Greer, July 15th, '61; William B. Gibson, William C. Henry, W. W. McB. Houston, Isaac Hilkirk, Urias W. Heasley, June 19th, '61; James Hogue, August 4th, '61; William Hunt,* William Jellison, Lafayette Jacobs, George Kelso, June 19th, '61; Benjamin J. King, James Kirkwood, July 15th, '61; Thomas Kelly,* Andrew Kelly, F. M. Livermore, John W. Leasure, June 19th, '61; John E. Lyon, July 15th, '61; Alexander M. Mayberry, Alfred Mathews, Morris Madden, .June 19th, '61; William H. Mallory, Edward McGarvey, July 15th, '61; Lemuel Martsteller, William J. McGinn, John McGowan, John McCann,* Alonzo McCall,* James McClusky,* Patrick McGonnell, Alexander McKibben, John Near, James O'Hara, Samuel Piper, June 19th, '61; Frank Peters, John W. Powell, Alexander W. Porter, George Paten, July 15th, '61; Milo Paten, Lyman B. Robinson, June 19th, '61; Joseph W. Russell, June 12th, '61; James Resoner,* June 19th, '61; Fayette Root,* Milton Simpson, July 15th, '61; David Stanbaugh, George W. Shearer, June 15th, '61; Robert D. Smith,* July 15th, '61; James S. Scott,* June 19th, '61; John Sutley,* March 24th, '64; Thomas Thomas, David Thomas, William Towman, Elijah Thompson, June 19th, '61; David Tait, John H. Walker, July 15th, '61; John F. Webster, Thomas C. White, Orrin Walker, June 19th, '61.

Rosters and Roll of Honor, History of Mercer County PA, 1877, page 142

* Died

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