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82nd PA Volunteers Killed, Wounded & Missing, Jun 1864

THE EIGHTY-SECOND PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS.---This veteran corps has suffered severely by the obstanate struggles before Petersburg. The killed, wounded and missing, as far as can be ascertained are as follows:

Company A.---Corporal E. H. Tarbox;
privates Riley Jones, August Fitel.

Company B.---Corporal Adam Schmidt;
privates William Boemer, George Gers.

Company E.---Captain Thomas Dougherty;
private Lewis D. McGee.

Company F.---First Lieutenant Robert F. Creighton;
Orderly Sergeant Thomas B. McGlathery;
Corporal Lawrence H. Shuster;
private Charles Saunders;
Corporal Matthew Cassidy.

Company G.---Privates Francis P. Lewis, James Wynkoop;
Sergeant William H. Forbes;
Orderly Sergeant Benjamin S. Young.

Company H.---Private James Farrell.

Company I.---Privates John T. Hoffman, Livingston Lockwood, Lyman Lockwood, Philip Smithers, Henry Doverspike, Frank Goodar.

Company K.---Orderly Sergeant Percival M. Potts;
privates Dexter P. Davis, Henry Smith, Charles F. Boyd, Abraham Snyder, Henry L. Wells.


Company A.---Sergeant Joseph Stapleton;
Privates Edward Ban, Wm. O'Connor, Jacob Deer, Joseph Fell, Chas. Feuner, Henry Gilmore, John Griethart, Chas. E. Olmsteel, Daniel Patterson, George Morris, Edward Sherman, David J. Tope.

Company B.---Corporal Joseph Wagner;
Privates Jos. Humpt, Samuel Ross, Henry Backbone.

Company C.---First Lieutenant A. C. Ivers; Corporal W. H. Moody; Private David Craig, M. J. Donnelly, Louis Elkins, Jacob Faringer, William Gruvoil, John G. Hillsman, Robert Ross; Sergeant William H. Dilks; Privates John Simex, William Schaeflin, John S. Coll, A. O'Neil.

Company D.---Orderly Sergeant John Hoffman, (since died); Corporal Robert D. Stuart; Privates Solomon Hudson, Robert S. Brown, Reuben Emerick, Moses Mealy, Patrick Haggerty, (on duty), Martin Murphy, James Diamond.

Company E.---Sergeants George Thomas, William Giston; Corporals Paul F. Hazel, Joseph E. Thomas; Privates Patrick Bramen, John J. Barnes, Samuel Gordon, John Helling, Hohn Hendry, Lewis Kruyer, John Vatie, Samuel McDougal, Captain R. W. Patrick.

Company F.---Second Lieutenant Wm. H. Rudolph; Corporal James Trainer; privates Allen Clark, Wilson Keys, John G. Lawrence, Charels Lamper, Pat McCormick, Albert Stanback, Samuel Wolf.

Company G.---Privates Wm. Beeson, Ed. Doughtery, H. Henderita, Frances Fowler, Jacob W. Lewis, John McNut.

Company H.---Privates Moses Myers, Jacob Aikens, Alexander Bowers, Henry Githers, Pat Mullen, William London, Alexander Richie, G. D. Cormick, John Hannah; Corporals B. B. Whitticum, Samuel McCoy.

Company F.---Second Lieutenant J. S. Hawkins, Corporal Israel Bendel, privates John Cunningham, Joseph Kitts, Lorenzo Pierer, Joseph W. Smith, Wm. Watson, William Alcorn, John W. Goodar, John Lechler, William Henry, David C. Smith, Samuel Wentzel, Jas. Burdick, John E. Hyatt, Lambert H. Mengher, Charles Rogers, George Smethers.

Company K.---Second Lieutenant W. R. Williams; Sergeants T. C. Woodward, H. C. Norman, Corporals Geo. Grutzbeck, Wm. Arment; Privates J. M. Evans, John Corney, John Lorman, James McIlvain, Jas. McAully, Alonzo Johnson, Albert Thomas.

Company D.---Privates Daniel Crouch, Oliver Gee, Josiah Winger.

Company E.---Corporal Wm. Montgomery; privates Joseph McCurnich, Robert McAdams, Chas. T. Coomer, John Morris, Thomas Meakin, Henry Retzer, William Spankle, Edward Thompson, Joseph H. Taylor.

Company G.---Privates Thomas Montgomery, Benjamin Mattee, Mathias Nichols, Geo. Pate, [illegible] Lewis, John Himell, James Welsh.

Company I.---Privates Aaron D. Ryan, Henry Lanserman, Thomas H. [illegible]hart, George H. White.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 11 Jul 1864

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