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Miami County, Ohio Furloughs, May - July 1945


There are H-V days for approximately seventy-five northern Miami County servicemen who are enjoying "home for vacation" times. They are listed here according to the dates of expiration for their "vacations" on the furlough boards at the local bus station and the ration office.

May 23--Pfc. Robert H. Mayo

May 24--Cpl. Paul V. White, Pfc. O. A. Miller, S 2/c Robert Huston
May 25--Pfc. Clyde E. Armstrong, MM 2/c Paul R. Bancroff

May 26--Pvt William H. Sharp, RM 2/c Vernon E. Bowling, S/Sgt. Robert Thompson, S/Sgt. James A. Speelman, Cpl Clarence R. Reck, S/Sgt. H. R. Koslowski

May 27--Pfc. Robert W. Clark, A/C Richard Lenox, A/S Phil Philbrook

May 28--S 1/c Henry D. Vance, Pvt. George William Heater, Pvt. William H. Shipley, 1st Lt. Harold Marrs

May 29--EM 2/c Carl Sarver, S/Sgt. Howard Thompson, Cpl. Lester W. Bernard, Pfc. Loren E. Pitsenbarger, F 1/c Kenneth Beair

May 30--Pfc. David W. Cotterman, T/Sgt. Sam Ward, Pvt Albert D. Oeslager, S 1/c Phillip Karns

May 31--Pfc. Charles R. Livingston, Cpl. Carl Supinger, S/Sgt. Albert H. Eversman, S/Sgt. Charles L. Pitsenbarger, Pvt. George H. Kay, Chief Steward Lawrence Kendall

June 1--Pvt. James E. Balmert, Cpl Ray C. Whitman

June 2--Pvt Joseph Marden, RM 2/c Lester A. White, S 1/c William Robinson

June 3--Pfc. Ralph W. Shira, S/Sgt. D. L. Snyder, Pfc. Ernest L. McMaster, Pfc. Harold L. Payne

June 4--Sgt. Mark L. Thompson, S/Sgt. Jerome Livingston, Sgt. William Rouston

June 5--Chief Steward Harley Ester, Pfc. William J. Beckstedt

June 6--Pfc. Ross Shoop, Jr.

June 7--SK 2/c Dean L Schaffer, Pvt Levi A Wenrick, Pvt. Charles C. King

June 10--S 1/c Clarence J. Klosterman, Sgt. Paul Drees

June 11--Pvt. James Little

June 14--Pvt. Monte Clawson

June 16--Pfc. Dale E. Thompson

June 21--RM 1/c Charles T. Kolter, Jr.

June 22--AMM 1/c Robert Rapp, T/Sgt. Edwin Cooke

June 24--S/Sgt. Garland B. Byers

July 1--Pvt. Kenneth M. Hydeman

July 2--S/Sgt. S. V. Phillips

July 5--Sgt. Robert A. Wooley

July 9--Pfc. W. E. Baker

July 25--Pvt. Edward L. Young

July 27--Pfc. David H. Brown

July 28--Pfc. John A.Stein, Pvt. Bertram Kuppin

July 29--Pfc. William B. Thayer, Pvt. Elzie Rush

The Piqua Daily Call, Piqua, OH 23 May 1945

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