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Grey, John

A Revolutionary Soldier in Ohio.

Correspondence Cincinnati Commercial.

CUMBERLAND, GUERNSEY COUNTY, Ohio, Tuesday, May 8, 1866.

Having noticed in your issue of Saturday, 5th inst, the death of Wm. HUTCHINGS, the last Revolutionary soldier of the State of Maine, and as that notice states, the last but three in the United States, I was prompted to write you the following:

Mr. JOHN GREY, who lives in Noble Township, Noble County, Ohio, about four miles east of the village of Cumberland, Guernsey County, Ohio, is, without any doubt, a Revolutionary soldier. I visited him last Winter, and he gave me the following history of his birth and life: He was born Jan. 6, 1764, near Pohick Creek, and was christened in what was called the Pohick Church, which he thinks was then within the territorial limits of Fairfax County, Va. In February, 1780, he volunteered in the service of his country, but returned home in May, 1781, immediately after the surrender of CORNWALLIS at Yorktown, and was retained as a minute-man on the banks of the Potomac for six months after, before he was discharged the service. Col. CHURCH and Major RAMSEY commanded the regiment and Capt. ROBERT SANFORD the company to which he belonged. His father, SHADRICK GREY, died in the service of his country at White Plains in January, 1777; he was under Capt. WEST. JOHN GREY has never received one farthing from his Government in the shape of land warrant, pension, or anything else.

According to the above date, he was 102 years old on the 6th day of last January. He moved to the territory west of the Ohio River in 1794, and settled on what is called the flats of Grave Creek. The neighbors who have known him for some thirty years where he now lives have always respected him as a sober, industrious and truthful man. He is now entirely dependent upon the charities of a step-daughter, (the child of his first wife,) who is married to a Mr. HENRY McELRAY. He enjoys remarkably good health and his mental faculties are very good for a person in his advanced age. He has never taken [illegible line....................................................].

Many years ago he had an attack of some kind of fever, and some good neighbor gave him a portion of tartar emetic, which is the only medicine he has over taken. He has been a member of the Protestant Methodist Church in good standing for seventy-five years. He went to the polls last Fall and voted the Republican ticket, and he told me he expected to do the same next Fall if JOHN A. DINGHAN ran for Congress. He looks as if he was good for at least eight or ten years yet.

The New York Times, New York, NY 16 May 1866

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