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Sandusky, OH Soldiers' Home Arrivals Feb-Apr 1890

Arrivals at the Home Since February 10th, 1890.

Henry L. Morse, Co. K, 24th Michigan, Lorain county, 58 years.

Jacob Cline, I, 8th O.V. I., Lorain, 55.

William H. Collins, D, 1st Va. Art., Clermont, 50.

John Lemon, E. 65th. O. V. I., Hamilton, 49.

William F. Wilson, I, 142d O. V. I., Knox, 47.

William F. Reidenbach, F, 16th O. V. I., Tuscarawas, 63.

Alfred Brown, 35th O.V.I., Butler, 58.

Patrick C. Delaney, E, 10th Mich., Lucas, 45.

Samuel Stokes, D, 13th, O.V. I., Wvandot, 55.

William F. Jones, I., 13th N. Y. A., Cuyahoga, 53.

Jacob Stauble, I, 10th O.V.C., Cuyahoga, 46.

Isaac Vernon, I, 53d O.V.I., Jackson, 60.

Augustus Caverly, C, 82d O.V. I., Hardin, 52.

Henry Schroeder, E, 17th O.V.I., Franklin, 62.

Isaac Bridges, D, 6th O.V.C., Portland, 78.

David C. Smith, A, 82d O.V.I., Hardin, 57.

Ervin J. Moore, C, 1st N.H. Cav., Portage, 45.

Charles E. Welch, B, 2d Mo., Hamilton, 41.

Robert C. Shurtz, D, 32d Mo., Stark, 61.

George Murphy, F, 162d O.V.I., Franklin, 49.

Reuben McSherer, B, 12th Pa. Cav., Cuyahoga, 49.

Corwin L. Taylor, G, 121st O.V. I., Knox, 54.

William Mooney, D, 155th Pa., Perry, 48.

John Miller, E, 1st Pa., Art., Athens, 48.

William Brooks, A, 159th O.V.I., Hocking, 61.

A. M. Marsh, K, 8th O.V.I., Tuscarawas, 52.

William G. Hanley, E, 5th O.V.I., Cuyahoga, 44.

John Burkhart, G, 107th O.V.I., Lorain, 44.

Samuel K. Reamer, E, 2nd W. Va., Cuyahoga, 62.

James Parker, 21st O. Art., Lake, 68.

Charles W. Brown, D, 13th O.V.I., Champaign, 49.

Frederick Aman, I., 37th Ind., Hamilton, 59.

James M. Brindle, F, 105th O.V.I., Lake, 49.

Anthony Barnard, E, 72nd O.V.I., Ottawa, 60.

William H. Myers, B, 159th O.V.I., Fairfield, 47.

James M. Warden, E. 180th O.V.I., Putnam, 55.

Frank Hunter, G, 1st O. Lt. Art., Cuyahoga, 55.

Bingham Perkins, C, 15th Mich., Cuyahoga, 46.

Samuel L. Freet, E, 8th O.V. C., Clarke, 56.

John Bauer, C, 197th O.V.I., Summit, 62.

David Pierce, B, 36th O.V. I., Gallia, 53.

George Fields, B, 114th, U. S. C. T., Clarke, 60.

James H. Taylor, C. & I., 27th U.S. C. T., Clarke, 60.

David C. Melville, E, 3rd O.V.C., Pickaway, 69.

Joseph Imler, E, 114th O.V.I., Pickaway, 60.

Thomas Owens, K, 11th C.V., Cuyahoga, 50.

John Butler, A, 182nd O.V.I., Lucas, 67.

James Donavin, F, 1st Ill., Delaware, 68.

William Fury, G, 66th, O.V.I., Marion, 56.

Whole number admitted 950.

A.M. ANDERSON, Adjutant.

Sandusky Daily Register, Sandusky, OH 8 Apr 1890

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