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Andersonville Prison Deaths 12 Jun 1864


DEATHS JUNE 12, 1864.

L Podgers, citizen
H Clane, Co E, 11th Ky
L Brackett, Co C, 23d Mass
J McHose, Co A, 4th Pa Cav
B Bukhauser, Co G, 73d Pa
Corp H Merrill, Co G, 30th Ia
J M Blank, Co A. 95th N Y
T Pollard, Co A, 127th Ill
H Stebbins, Co I, ---N Y from camp
S Wallace, Co C, 2d East Tenn, camp
J Gondy, Co A, 5th R I Art
J H Drake, Co G, 12th Ky Cav
Jas Gilmore, Co I. 16th Ill Cav
Corp Chas E Cushing, Co H, 12th Mass, camp
John Beal, Co F, 78th Ill
Henry Miller, Co G. 8th Penn Cav
E S Kelso, Co G, 2d Ind Cav
M S Hilton, Co L, 1st Wis Cav
J S Harty Co F, 16th Mich
John Combs, Co A, 3d Pa Art
D S Brooks, Co H, 79th Pa
J A Cox, Co H, 13th Pa Cav
Corp J Oliver, Co D, 42d Ind
Peter Kelly, Co F, 73d Pa
Corp W D Birkel, Co K, 7th Tenn
H H Emerson, Co E, 3d Me
Geo W Hundley, Co C, 4th Ky Cav
H Brown, Co H, 12th NY Cav
P J Safford, Co H, 24th N Y Battery
M Cleark, citizen, teamster
F L Lewis, Vet Surgeon, 9th Mich Cav
W K Birchfield, Co I, 2d Tenn
Frank Powell, Co H, 18th Pa
John Grush, Co F, 19th Penn Cav
J A Ledford, Co B, 16th Ky
Jas Wilson, Co I, 93d Ohio
Wm Cearms, U S Navy

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Nov 1864

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