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Baze, Jefferson P.

JEFFERSON P. BAZE, Brady, Tex.-- Was born June 21, 1844, near County Site, McNary County, Tennessee. Enlisted in the Confederate twelve months' enlistment expired we reorganized as the Twenty-First North Carolina Regiment. As there had been other regiments organized in the interim and we were thrown from the Eleventh to the Twenty-First. At Winchester was wounded in the arm, shoulder and bow., and in the head and ankle at Gettysburg. Was captured May 4 at Gettysburg, and was in the old Capitol Prison eighteen days. W. captured on July 20, 1864, and taken to Camp Chase, Ohio. Was promoted to Captain of Company F, Twenty-First North Carolina Regiment, and commanded sharpshooters from New Berne, N. C., till the close of the war. I was in all the battles in which my command engaged except when wounded or in prison.

I appreciate the voluminous work which these various manuscripts involve, and also the responsibility of the writers. The truth should be paramount in every sentence. Some years ago I went to a hotel in Texas and found a coterie of young men being entertained by a man of some age whose animated speech seemed to please them. I kept silent till I got into the current of their subject and found it was the events of the war, and having been an actor in that terrible drama, I followed closely the train of their speeches, and as the old gentleman seemed to be a personage to whom these young men looked for information and were storing their minds with his utterances. After the termination of one of their speeches one of the young men said, "General, what do you think of the battle of Bull Run?" After a pause, "Well, that was very bad for us. A big mistake. Our army should have rushed into Washington and sacked the city, but they stopped and we lost the chance of our lives." I begged the attention of both parties, telling them that I was an actor in that terrible battle and would like for them to know the truth and assured them that the condition in which we were placed made it impossible to carry out the gentleman's plans. I then rehearsed the situation to them. The old gentleman admitted that he was taking from hearsay and could not verify the reports he was using.

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