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Farmington, NY Civil War Soldiers


The following is a list of the veterans of the rebellion:

Simon Anthony
Francis M. Aldrich
John L. Bullis
James M. Carpenter
Morris Cahill
Wm. H. Chilson
George Deets
Hubbard S. Dixson
John Gorman
Peter G. Hopkins
Patrick Hanaly
Smith B. Ketchum
Thomas W. Lathrop
John McCray
Sandford B. Mead
George Nicholson
Stephen H, Osborn
M.A. Payne
David Phipps
Charles L. Shepard
David A. Turner
James A. Young
Charles D. Stephens
James Graham
Charles F, Biddlecom
Isaac S. Wilson
James Taylor
Edward Payne
James McMynn
Charles Bryant
George Redfield
Willis E. Putnam
Thomas Bond
John Cramer
Michael J. Ebert
Willard J. Ransom
George Johnson
C. V. Chilson
George W. Crocker
Lyman Aldrich
Orlin C. Powers
David H. Myers
William Lent
William H. Dillon
C. Meghan
George P. McCumber
William Aldrich
Ambrose Young
Jacob Swartz
Asa Mason
James Evans
Samuel Lombard
Charles H. Williams
John Whalen
O. C. Millett
Joseph Anderson
Henry Jeffry
Patrick Hayes
Oscar B. Mitchell
John Gallagher
Edward J. Cotton
James B. Estes
George W. Gardner
Alonzo Johnson
Abbott Master
John Nussbaumer
Lyman Odell
Henry C. Stephens
Alvire Speaker
William Stevenson
Charles Williams
Henry Whipple
George Walker
Frederick Gearing
David H. Bliss
Cornelius Scott
T.G. Heton
David Lake
William Gorman
Raynold Knowles
William Ramish
Harry Ensign

The history of the township of Farmington, New York : with biographies of prominent citizens, Farmington, N.Y.: 1897

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