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World War I Deaths, Aug 7, 1918

Killed in Action.

Willis C. Comfort, Kit Carson, Colo.
Henry P. Reynolds, Bridge, Mass.
Clarance E. Allen, jr., Salt Lake City,
Victor O. Crane, St. Louis
George E. Foster, Louisville, Ky.
D. E. Monroe, Marion, S. C.
Edward R. Palmer, Trenton, N. J.
Albert Hiltrop, London Mills, Ill.
Lee Nelson, Fort Ogden, Fla.
Gilbert L. Stark, Indianola, Okla.
Claude D. Hickman, Waverly, Tenn.
Frank Brown, New York
Martin Conway, Chicago
Charles Ramadell, Depauville, N. Y.
Bugler John K. Hartnett, Preston, Mo.
Alphonso, Buters, Italy
Antonio Cappela, Port Reading, N. J.
Fillippo Colfatto, Italy
John Domikat, Rockville, Conn.
James F. Minnick, Greenville, Ohio
Manuel Parry, Fall River, Mass.
Sigmund Renkunas, no emergency address given
Ralph J. Walker, Cowpens, S. C.
Lee Adams, Troutdale, Va.
James H. Boggs, Lovella, Ore.
Nick Cappellano, Italy
Albert H. Clawson, Andians, Pa.
Samuel Gueller, Philadelphia
Pearl E. Gonnerman, Hurdland, Mo.
Mount Graham, El Paso, Texas
Stanley Sloups, Chicago
William M. Margarrell, Adair, Iowa
George Herman Ringler, New York
Clifford C. Spoots, Tecumesh, Kans.
Claude J. Wade, Toledo, Ohio
Bert B. Windahl, Figeholm, Sweden

Earl T. Loucks, Washington, Pa.
Ralph R. Ames, Beaver Falls, Pa.
Morris Axel, Philadelphia
Samuel F. Beaver, Republic, Pa.
Gilbert C. Blades, Somerset, Pa.
Guy Breckline, Columbia, Pa.
Harold H. Bulls, Bloomburg, Pa.
Domenick Capo, Swissvale, Pa.
Vincent L. Carey, New Brighton, Pa.
John W. Carl, Newport, Pa.
George Castleberry, Wellston, Okla.
John A. Oldapes, Joilet, Ill.
Alexander Coffroth, Somerset, Pa.
Robert S. Conner, Philadelphia
Barton Dellinger, Wrightsville, Pa.
Don M. Dickinson, Fremont, Mich.
John D. Dominick, Philadelphia
Roy H. Dooley, Asherville, Kan.
Marvin Dotson, Amarillo, Texas
Frank E. Duffield, New Alexandria, Pa.
Berdest Fancher, Garrison, Texas
Samuel Geonnotti, Philadelphia
Louis H. Bell, Pittsburgh
John P. Cleaver, Somerset, Pa.
Richard K. Keenan, Jeanette, Pa.
Frederic G. Lockwood, Boston
Verner W. McFarland, New Brighton, Pa.
Walter E. Neel, Salisbury, N. C.
John Ritz, Bitumen, Pa.
Laco D. Rohr, Vadis, W. Va.
Michael Scioli, Philadelphia
Dewey A. Shively, New Brighton, Pa.
Steve Sullivan, W. Bridgewater, Pa.
William A. Sullivan, Jackson, Mich.
Edward Voelmie, Philadelphia
Vivian E. Wilkinson, Sandyville, W. Va.
William C. Zimmerman, Somerset, Pa.
Clarence H. Zinkan, Beaver, Pa.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 8 Aug 1918

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