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Gier, Raymond F.

Raymond F. Gier. From happy college days of hallowed memory to the enervating duties of army hospital service; then a dropping of military routine to the quiet but laborious grind of farm life; then a radical change to the more orderly processes of a modern business office with its exactions and responsibilities-these represent the salient periods in the career of Raymond F. Gier. They serve to accentuate the versatile character of the man, for while they represent great contrasts, they cover but a short span, as Mr. Gier is now (1924) only twenty-eight years of age. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, November 1, 1896. His parents, Burton S. and Harriet E. (Favorite) Gier, are natives, respectively, of Owosso, Michigan, and St. Louis, Missouri, and a personal sketch of the father precedes this review. Raymond F. Gier attended the public schools of Lansing, Michigan, spent a year at Ames, Iowa, in the Iowa State College, and matriculated at the University of Michigan. A profitable year was spent at this latter institution and then came the great World war. Oblivious to all else but the national security, he entered the army early, sailing for France on the 13th of July, 1917, and serving twenty-three months in the medical corps at the Army Base Hospital No. 17, which was established by the United States Army in Dijon, France. Then he returned, buoyant and hopeful, conscious of having discharged a duty faithfully and creditably, ready for the arts of peace. He operated one of his father's farms and then entered his father's business, the Gier Pressed Steel Company, as office manager. He was advanced to the sales department of the Motor Wheel Corporation shortly after this corporation was formed by the merger of the Gier Pressed Steel Company and three other concerns. On September 3, 1921, he deserted the ranks of bachelorhood by taking as his wife Marian Lucile Creyts, of Lansing, Michigan. Two children, Susanne Creyts Gier and David Burton Gier, add to the strengthening of the happy domestic bonds. Raymond F. Gier is a member of Plymouth Congregational church and of the Rotary and the Country Clubs of Lansing. He is a Mason, belonging to Lansing Lodge No. 33, F. & A. M., Capital Chapter No. 9, R. A. M.; Lansing Council No. 29, R. & S. M.; and Lansing Commandery No. 25, K. T. W.

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