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Boston, MA High School of Commerce Faculty, Students & Alumni Killed in World War I


"Their name liveth forevermore"


CORBETT, WILLIAM B., Second Lieutenant, 101st Infantry, A. E. F. Fell near D'Omont Woods at Verdun.


MAHONEY, JAMES R., Lieutenant, Q. M. C. Died November 11, 1918


ABBOT, EDMUND B. (1915), Corporal, U. S. A. Died October 1, 1918, Camp Johnston

ANDREWS, PAUL F. (ex. 1912), U. S. A., A. E. F., Killed in action October, 1918

CAMERON, ANGUS A. ( ex. 1915) U. S. A.

CROWLEY, JOSEPH J. (1912) Quartermaster Sergeant, Base Hospital. Died October 7, 1918

DENTON, GORDON (1916), Corporal, 101st Artillery A. E. F. Fell October 31, 1918, Death Valley, Verdun.

DONOVAN, JOHN (1911), Despatch runner, 58th Infantry. Wounded by shell fragment during Meuse-Argonne offensive, attempting to procure water for members of his squad. Died from wound Dec. 19, 1919. Awarded victory medal for "Aisne-Marne," "St. Mihiel," "Meuse-Argonne," and Defensive sector.

DUFFIE, ARTHUR (1915), 102d Machine Gun Bn. Transferred to 101st F. A., A. E. F.

FRANK, FREDERICK (ex. 1914), Canadian Signal Corps. Died from wounds Oct. 28, 1918 at Letroport, France.

HANLON, FRANK S. (ex. 1919), U. S. A., A. E. F. Killed in action July 15, 1918

HENRY, ANDREW A. (ex. 1913), Sergeant, 14th Machine Gun Bn. Killed in action October 12, 1918

HESFORD, WILLIAM (ex. 1920), Welsh Fusiliers (British). Killed in action at Chateau-Thierry, September 15, 1918

HIRSHOVITZ, MAX (1917), Corporal, 104th Infantry, A. E. F. Killed in action August 5, 1918.

JAMES, EDWARD (ex. 1918). U. S. Marine Corps. Killed in skirmish with bandits in San Domingo

JOHNSON, FRANCIS L. (ex. 1916), U. S. A. Died April 25, 1919

KANE, FRANK G. (1913), 104th Infantry, A. E. F. Killed in action at Apremont, April 13, 1918

KLINE, GEORGE (ex. 1917), Canadian Volunteers. Killed in action November 14, 1917, after eight months in trenches

McCORMACK, RALPH L (1914), Ensign, U. S. N. R. F., Air Service. Drowned in Pensacola Bay, February 7, 1919

McLAUGHLIN, GEORGE (1909), Chief Yeoman, U. S. N. R. F. Died in service, September, 1918

PETTS, ROBERT (ex. 1916), U. S. N. R. F. Died in service

POHL, WILLIAM (1913), 103d Infantry, A. E. F. Killed in action at Chateau-Thierry July 30, 1918

SHEA, WALTER (ex. 1916), U. S. A., Air Service. Killed January, 1918

WORKMAN, GEORGE P. (1918), S. A. T. C. Died of influenza, November, 1918

The Boston High School of Commerce in the World War, 1921

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