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49th Massachusetts Regiment Deaths, Nov 1862 - May 1863

List of Deaths in the 49th Reg. Mass Vols.

[We have supplied from other sources the residences and, where our correspondent was unable to give them other facts. The list is probably not complete, as we see no names from companies G, Capt. Parker, of Adams, and I, Capt. Ronnie, while we have supplied two names of Co. K, from which our correspondent gives none. The list from the other companies is probably nearly or quite complete. ED.]

Company A.

Wm. Taylor, of Pittsfield, fever, New Orleans, March 20, aged 31. Charles Videtto, Pittsfield, fever, Baton Rouge, aged 18.

Company B.

Allen H. Wheeler, West Stockbridge, fever, West Stockbridge, Nov. 13, aged.--Wells B. Morgan, Richmond, fever, Worcester, Nov. 26.-- Wm. M. Rossiter, Richmond, meningitis, Carrolton, La. Feb. 17, E. W. Pierce, Windsor, fever, New Orleans, March 22. Wm. J. Glead, Otis, Baton Rouge, fever, April 14, aged 20. Caleb C. Hinman, Becket, fever, Baton Rouge, April 16, aged 23. Isaac Denslow, Becket, chronic diarrhea, Baton Rouge, April 22, aged 42. James A. Jordan, New Ashford, fever, Baton Rouge, April 27.

Company C.

William Stelfax, Pittsfield, murdered by gun shot, New York, Dec. 7, aged 24, A. M. Dewey, Pittsfield, inflammation of the lungs, New Orleans, March 22, aged 35. Alexander Smith--fever, Baton Rouge, March 28, aged 19.

Company D.

John Godson, Lenox, consumption, Lenox, Nov. 20th, aged 21. Isaac V. Wilcox, Gt. Barrington, fever, Baton Rouge, April 18, aged 21. George Kolby, Gt. Barrington, chronic diarrhea, Baton Rouge, April 21, aged 28. Samuel C. Bills, Vandeusenvill, consumption, Baton Rouge, May 4, aged 24.

Company E.

Nelson Webster, Sheffield, fever, Carrollton, Feb. 20, aged 20. Lyman Lindsey, Sheffield, fever, Baton Rouge, March 23, aged 22. Ebenezer S. Hinman, Sheffield, Chronic Diarrhea, Baton Rouge, April 24, aged 45.

Company F.

Morton Oles, Sheffield, fever, Baton Rouge, March 21, aged 18. Sheldon E. Gibbs, Otis, fever, Baton Rouge, April 19, aged 28. Nelson M. Case, Sandisfield, fever, Baton Rouge, April 25, aged 22. Waldo Fargo, Monterey, fever, Baton Rouge, May 2d aged.

Company H.

Wm. Deming, Sandisfield, ab brain, Steamer Illinois, (burried{sic} on an island) Feb. 7, aged 24. Fred P. Seymour, ___ chronic diarrhea, Baton Rouge, May first, aged 19. Milton Smith, ___ fever, Baton Rouge, April 30.

Company K.

Charles Bartholemew, Sheffield, dysentery, Baton Rouge, April 12. N. Briggs Stetson, Windsor ___ Baton Rouge.

The Berkshire County Eagle, Pittsfield, MA 28 May 1863

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