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Berkshire, MA Soldiers Killed and Wounded, May 1863

Casualties to Berkshire Men.

We give below a list of the killed and wounded among the Berkshire men in the recent battles on the Rappahannock. It is doubtless incomplete, but we have spared no pains to make it as perfect as possible, and it is much more full than any list we have seen:


Killed--John Root, Stockbridge; Joseph (otherwise reported James C.) Rathbun, Stockbridge.

Wounded--Sergeant Wm. L. White, South Lee, in arm; Serg't __ McDonald, South Lee, lost finger; John McDonald, Otis, in shoulder; Ethan A. Clary, Curtisville, in hand, Serg't Charles Brace, Stockbridge, in hip.


The Berkshire men in this regiment are mostly in Co. D, (Pollock Guard,) whose losses are---

Killed--John Donnovan, Pittsfield, (reported in daily papers Cummington)

Wounded--1st Serg't Michael S. Hogan, Pittsfield, both legs, severe, James Finucan, hand, severe; Jeremiah Green, hand, slight; Charles Dunbar, thigh, severe.


Wounded--Capt. O. W. Holmes, heel, ball extracted; Capt. James Murphy, arm; Serg't Bowan, Co. F., Shell contusion in breast; Serg't Hugh Hermon, Co. D, head; Alonzo Stetson, Co. G, head and foot; Barzillian Crowell, Co. I, hip; George Dawson, Co. G., foot and ankle; James Hayes, Co. G., both arms; ---Wade, Co. F, left shoulder; Hugh O'Harran, Pittsfield, right hand.


We indebted to Adjutant T. G. Colt, for a copy of the official list of killed and wounded.

Killed--Jonas H. Thayer, Co. H.

Wounded--Thomas Caffrey, Co. A, hand; Wm. B. Twining, Co. B., hand; George Prindle, Co. B., finger shot off; George L. Hill, Co. B.; Watson J. Lester, Co. B., slightly in stomach; John A. Bissell, Co. D, eye; Geo. Pease, Co. D, face; Albert C. Kenney, Co. G., badly, right arm amputated--since dead; Wm. F. Shanly, Pittsfield, Co. K, foot.

Missing--Co. A.--Wm. A. Rice, Charles P. Burgot, Henry Iril; Co. B--Sylvester Sanderson; Co. H.--William Cook; Co. I--Thomas Williams; Co. K--Wm. Maloney, West Stockbridge, John D. McCarty, Springfield, Patrick Pierce.

The Berkshire companies in this regiment are B, from Lee; C, Great Barrington; E, Adams; and K, enlisted in great part by Capt. Dooley of Cheshire, from various localities in the County. Cos. C and E met with not loss. The total loss was 1 killed, 13 wounded, of whom 2 have since died, and 9 missing.

The Berkshire County Eagle, Pittsfield, MA 14 May 1863

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