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Mechanic Falls, ME High School Alumni in the Service, 1942

Alumni In Service

Donald Cole, U. S. Army (1934)
Millard Strout, U. S. Army (1935)
Royal Jefferson, U. S. Army (1935)
Leland Farr, U. S. Army (1936)
Clayton Strout, U. S. Army (1936)
Gerald Watson, U. S. Army (1936)
Robert Howes, U. S. Army (1936)
Malcolm Strout, U. S. Armry (1937)
Frank Williams, U. S. Marines (1937)
Harold Raymond, U. S. Army (1937)
Alan Johnson, U. S. Army Air Corps (1937)
Albert Durgin, U. S. Army (1937)
James Maxim, U. S. Army (1937)
Donald Lewis, U. S. Army (1937)
Clarence Swift, U. S. Army (1937)
Richard Keene, U. S. Army (1937)
Richard Bryant, U. S. Army (1938)
Leighton Hutchinson, U. S. Army (1938)
Dana Raymond, U. S. Army Air Corps (1938)
Clifford Strout, U. S. Army (1938)
Donald Stuart, U. S. Army (1938)
Bertram Woodcock, U. A. Army Air Corps (1938)
Orville Farr, U. S. Navyu (1939)
Donald Winslow, U. S. Navy (1939)
Arthur Davis, U. S. Marines (1940)
Robert Elliot, U. S. Army (1940)
John Nason, U. S. Army Air Corps (1940)
Maurice Prince, U. S. Army (1940)
Willard Spiller, U. S. Army (1940)
Robert Jordan, U. S. Marines (1941)
Milton Purington, U. S. Army (1941)

From the 1942 Pilot Yearbook of Mechanic Falls, ME High School

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