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Sawlaw, RoscoeWorld War IIllinois
Peck, GlennWorld War IIllinois
Phelps, Edward D. - CorpCivil WarConnecticut
Ramsey, Robert Neil "Bob"Korean ConflictTexas
MacLeod, Douglass WilsonWorld War IIConnecticut
Sorgee, James Benjamin TSGTWorld War IISouth Carolina
Waldrop, Jesse James PFCWorld War IISouth Carolina
St. John, Richard Earl - EnsWorld War IITexas
Harless, N. B. - Gen.Civil WarMississippi | Texas
Chapman, John H.Spanish American WarTexas
Putney, Frank H. - Col.Civil WarWisconsin
McClesky, E. D. Civil WarTexas
McClesky, W. C. Civil WarTexas
Clark, JasonCivil WarTexas
Holland, S. W.Civil WarTexas
Reece, J. L. Civil WarTexas
Spencer, E. W.Civil WarTexas
Cash, FosterWorld War IITexas
Ford, RobertCivil WarPennsylvania
Dunn, FrancisWar of 1812Pennsylvania
Bauerfeld, John Civil WarNew Jersey | New York | Ohio
Watters, Charles A.Spanish American WarPennsylvania
Davidson, George B.World War IPennsylvania
Bower, William F. - Corp.Spanish American WarPennsylvania
Spangler, Charles - Capt.Spanish American WarPennsylvania
Elvidge, Herbert W.Spanish American WarPennsylvania
Trobrough, J. C. - CorpWorld War IINebraska
Draper, Thomas J - S2cWorld War IICalifornia | Nebraska
Forniss, John I.Civil WarAlabama
Jackson, WillieWorld War IIGeorgia
Barber, Robert H. - T. SgtWorld War IINebraska
Chleborad, PaulWorld War IINebraska
Oakley, Robert G. - LieutWorld War IIOhio
Manniello, Louis Joseph Jr. - PFCOther WarsNew York
Fidler, William A. - Sgt.Spanish American WarPennsylvania
Hoffpauir, C. A. "Snooks"World War IITexas
Ptacek, Henry - Ens.World War IINebraska
McAleer, Joseph G. - Corp.World War IICalifornia | Nebraska
White, William B.Spanish American WarPennsylvania
Brocka, Stephen E.World War IIMassachusetts
Scott, George - Corp.Spanish American WarIdaho | Illinois
Breed, Ellis B.World War ICalifornia | Nebraska
Matulis, Steve P.World War INebraska
Owens, ChetonWorld War IIIllinois
Finicle, George A.World War ISouth Dakota
Hepworth, John Leonard - CorpWorld War IIdaho
Allen, Orin M.World War IUtah
Anderson, WilfordWorld War IUtah
Wells, WilfordWorld War IUtah

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