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Lee, Orison P. - CaptSpanish American WarIndiana
Chapin, Charles E. - SgtSpanish American WarMassachusetts
Kent, Charles F.World War IIRhode Island
Kahn, Charles F.World War I | World War IIColorado
Atwater, Charles L.Civil WarPennsylvania
Viele, Charles D. - ColSpanish American WarMassachusetts
Welsh, Merrit C. - ColMexican War | Civil WarIndiana
Pickens, H. - ColCivil WarKentucky
Hopkins, Robert Emmett - ColCivil WarNew York | Pennsylvania
Roberts, Vernon - ColPeacetime Service | Spanish American WarCalifornia | Ohio
Morrison, W. R. - ColCivil WarIllinois
Allen, Samuel H. - ColCivil WarMaine
McKemie, Edward - LieutWorld War IITexas
Dunnington, ElwoodWorld War IPennsylvania
Hanson, Fritz ArnoldWorld War IMinnesota
Franks, George B.Spanish American WarNew York
Osterle, George J.World War IVermont
Palmer, GeorgeWorld War IIndiana
Selkirk, George - EnsignWorld War IINew York
Walker, George B. - CaptSpanish American WarIndiana
Gruber, John C., Earnest S. & Troy F.World War IITexas
Franke, Herman M. World War ITexas
McPeeters, H. T. Civil WarTexas
Lamson, HaroldSpanish American WarMaine
Egbert, Harry C. _ Lieut ColSpanish American WarPennsylvania
Hird, Harry BoothPeacetime ServiceNew Hampshire
Firestone, HawkinsCivil WarPennsylvania
Hoffman, Henry E.Spanish American WarNew York
Fry, Henry F.Peacetime Service
Rechert, Henry K.World War INew York
Zituik, IgnatzSpanish American WarNew York
Baker, James C.World War IITexas
Brett, James E. - CaptSpanish American WarNorth Carolina
Edmonds, JamesWorld War IIIllinois
Ellis, JamesWorld War IKentucky
Daggett, James L. - LieutWorld War IIRhode Island
Moberly, James - CaptWorld War IIMissouri
Nobles, James P. World War IITexas
Karafa, James S.World War IIConnecticut
Jackson, James B. - CaptSpanish American WarKentucky
Wyckoff, A. B. - LieutPeacetime ServiceWashington
Hopper, Charles M. - LieutCivil WarPennsylvania
Wistar, Isaac J. - Lieut ColCivil WarPennsylvania
Sturdy, Edward W. Lieut-CommCivil WarMassachusetts | Virginia
Shields, Lawrence F. - LieutCivil WarMassachusetts | New York | Vermont
Evarts, Joseph A. - LieutWorld War IVermont
Hintz, John C. - LieutCivil WarPennsylvania
Woodman, AndrewPeacetime ServiceNew Jersey
Oberle, Harold H.World War ITexas
Pelkey, GeorgeWorld War IVermont

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