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Shoemaker, F. L. - Capt.Civil War
Burdick, F. O. - Dr.Civil WarColorado | Wisconsin
Roberts, Joseph H.Civil WarPennsylvania
Porter, Edmund R.Civil WarPennsylvania
Culberson, Edward A. Civil WarPennsylvania
Boltz, W. K. - CaptCivil WarPennsylvania
Crosby, Milton C.Civil WarOhio
Hesser, Charles W.Civil WarColorado | Pennsylvania
Chesley, Edward A.Civil WarMaine | Massachusetts
Roberts, EdwardMexican Border War | World War IMontana
Jett, Ernest A.World War IITexas
Crisman, EugeneKorean ConflictWyoming
Cass, Lewis - GenCivil WarNew Hampshire | Rhode Island
Eberman, Henry J.Spanish American WarNew York
Carney, Francis J. - EnsWorld War IIRhode Island
Pyle, Robert L. - LieutWorld War IITexas
Adams, Samuel M. - LieutCivil WarPennsylvania
Glass, Will A. - LieutCivil WarPennsylvania
Corliss, Augustus W. - MajSpanish American WarRhode Island
Ellis, Philip - MajSpanish American WarPennsylvania
Boatman, Marie - EnsKorean ConflictTexas
Huffstutler, MarshallWorld War IITexas
Racanelli, MichaelWorld War IConnecticut
Farley, PeterCivil WarNew York
West, PeterCivil WarIowa | Oregon
Taylor, Charles A.Civil WarMassachusetts
Brickley, RaymndWorld War IIllinois
Putnam, Edwin - Rear AdmiralCivil WarNorth Carolina
Sensendy, Sidney P. Spanish American WarVirginia
Rossiter, WilliamSpanish American WarNew Hampshire
Horne, William P.Civil WarVermont
Morris, William E.Civil WarOregon
Farmer, Walter LewisWorld War IITexas
McCleary, Alexander J.Civil WarPennsylvania
Hooper, Andrew F.Civil WarPennsylvania
Via, Howard R. World War IITexas
Osterkamp, JeromeSpanish American WarFlorida | Maryland
Elliott, John B.Spanish American WarKansas
Grey, JohnRevolutionary WarOhio | Virginia
McLaughlin, John - SgtWorld War IIllinois
Waldren, John S.World War IIKentucky
St. Peters, JosephCivil WarVermont
Taylor, LewisCivil WarNew York
Borgstrom, Boyd - PFCWorld War IIUtah
Keffer, Francis J. - CaptCivil WarPennsylvania
Morgan, George H. - CaptSpanish American WarMinnesota
Harvey, Frank - CaptCivil WarPennsylvania
Denton, John B. - Capt. Other WarsTexas
Montgomery, I. N. - CaptCivil WarNebraska
Morris, Alvah L. - CorpCivil WarPennsylvania

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