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Fry, S. W.Civil WarTexas
Turner, Charles H.Civil WarNew York | West Virginia
Dugan, James F.Civil WarVirginia | West Virginia
Tucker, Robert C.Civil WarVirginia | West Virginia
Morgan, Job M. Sr.Civil War
Pope, Simon T.Civil WarVirginia
Townes, Samuel A.Civil WarAlabama | South Carolina
Allensworth, Jesse F.Civil WarKentucky | Texas
Lake, LudwellCivil WarVirginia
Steadman, LonCivil WarArkansas | North Carolina
Street, S. R. - CaptCivil WarNorth Carolina
Cartwright, Leonidas Sr.Civil WarTexas
Green, CurtisCivil WarGeorgia | Texas
Hamilton, David DickersonCivil War
Fuqua, Marcellus BarksdaleCivil WarTexas | Virginia
Wilson, J. Benson - MajCivil WarAlabama | Texas
Young, Louis Gourdin - CaptCivil WarSouth Carolina
Park, Ephraim ParahamCivil War
Westmoreland, W. W. - Dr.Civil WarAlabama | Mississippi
Bonham, SamuelCivil WarTexas | Virginia
Faulkner, E. C. - Rev.Civil WarKentucky
Phillips, C. H.Civil WarVirginia
Hannah, Samuel BaldwinCivil WarVirginia
Greer, Charnar S. - CaptCivil WarSouth Carolina
Johnson, Adam R. - GenCivil WarTexas
Rorick, Robert K.World War IPennsylvania
McFalls, Carroll Jr.World War IITexas
Dodge, Charles - CaptSpanish American WarDistrict of Columbia
Barnum, Malvern - LieutSpanish American WarNew York
Mix, C. O. - SgtPeacetime Service
Brayton, Clarence E. - Sgt MajSpanish American WarNew York
Malter, Charles H. Jr.World War IIRhode Island
Brandt, Barbara Brooke - EnsWorld War IIRhode Island
Ward, Robert C. - 2nd LieutWorld War IIRhode Island
Allen, William Jr. - LieutWorld War IIRhode Island
Sloan, William Calvin - CorpCivil WarPennsylvania
Hannen, Richard C.Civil WarConnecticut | Pennsylvania
Johnson, Donald H. - T/SWorld War IIMinnesota
Stoltman, Robert F. - PFCWorld War IIMinnesota
Nelson, Leonard F. - PFCWorld War IIWisconsin
Dobson, Harold L.World War IIWisconsin
Hays, Alexander - Brig GenCivil WarPennsylvania
Pence, Harry L. - CaptPost World War I | World War IOhio
Gano, R M. - GenCivil WarKentucky | Texas
Husted, JosephCivil WarNew York
Burditt, Rolin A. - CaptWorld War IVermont
Mayo, Louis J.World War IVermont
Fuller, James D.World War IKentucky
Gavett, W. A. - ColCivil WarMichigan
Why, ThomsCivil WarPennsylvania

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