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Horne, William MichaelWorld War IGeorgia
Wright, Marvin G. World War IGeorgia
Browne, Hal Jr. - LieutWorld War IITexas
Langhorne, Maurice - Capt. Civil WarMissouri | Virginia
Abraham, James A.Civil WarPennsylvania
Canty, AmbroseWorld War IIMassachusetts
Meador, Lester IraKorean ConflictTexas
Boyd, John H.Civil WarOhio
Klugh, HenryCivil WarPennsylvania
Milligan, Calvin B.Civil WarIllinois | Ohio
Shafer, Joseph McCaskeyCivil WarPennsylvania
Bushong, John Civil WarOhio
Leech, John Jr.Civil WarPennsylvania
Kerr, JohnCivil WarPennsylvania
Munro, FelixCivil WarIllinois
Marshall, James CraigCivil WarPennsylvania
Baird, James SloanCivil WarPennsylvania
Jamieson, JohnCivil WarOhio | Pennsylvania
Meenan, Clarence RobertWorld War IIllinois
Neyland, Robert R. - Brig GenWorld War I | World War IITexas
Wade, Faires T.World War IITexas
Wickens, William T. - CaptWorld War IITexas
Bailes, Keith C. - S-SgtWorld War IITexas
Walker, Billy L. - PFCWorld War IITexas
Ogilvie, Jack - CaptWorld War IITexas
Truscott, Lucian K. - Lt. Gen.World War I | World War IITexas
McLaughlin, Leslie C.World War IWashington
Barnam, James C. - 2nd LieutWorld War IITexas
McMullen, John J. - EnsWorld War IINew Jersey
Battersby, John A. - SgtWorld War INew Jersey
Carver, Robert L. - 2nd LieutPost World War ITexas
Teffiatore, ElizabethWorld War IIllinois | Texas
Clements, Cecil RobertWorld War IITexas
Norton, William Jr.World War IIWashington
Mitsuoka, NorioWorld War IIWashington
Williams, Vinson Jr.World War IITexas
Bowie, Robert T. - CaptCivil WarGeorgia | South Carolina
Byrd, B. H.Civil WarFlorida | Mississippi
Hughes, William J. - Capt.Civil WarLouisiana | South Carolina
Forsythe, William H.Civil WarMaryland
Morris, E. G.Civil War
Lee, Jared JacksonCivil WarAlabama | South Carolina
Pritchard, Calvin - CaptCivil WarNorth Carolina
Burt, William HardyCivil WarNorth Carolina
Utley, J. M.Civil WarNorth Carolina
Metts, James I. - Maj GenCivil WarNorth Carolina
Bowman, Joseph H.Civil War
Loughborough, James HenryCivil WarMaryland
Cook, Henry H.Civil War
Rauton, Henry P.Civil WarSouth Carolina

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