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Calloway County, KY Civil War Veterans Alive in 1922



More than one thousand young men from Calloway County, Ky., went into the Confederate army. Now, after more than sixty years, about thirty remain.

Those over 80 years of age are:

J. E. Allbritten, 82 years, February 14, 1922; served in Company L, 7th Kentucky Regiment.

T. F. Hule, 83, February 25, 1922; Company C, 1st Confederate Cavalry.

R. A. Hale, 87, August 1, 1921; Company G, 5th Arkansas Regiment.

W. C. Robertson, 80, April 22, 1922; Company H, 3rd Kentucky Regiment.

W. J. Beale, 80, April 28, 1922; Company H, 3rd Kentucky Regiment.

J. C. Denham, 82, February 4, 1922; Company C, 1st Confederate Cavalry.

O. T. Foster, 80, February 23, 1922; Company G, 7th Kentucky Regiment.

J. P. Tucker, 82, April 30, 1921; Company G, 7th Kentucky Regiment.

E. W. H. Ryan, 82, February, 7, 1922; Colonel Woodward’s Command.

C. C. Marshall, 82, November 2, 1921; Company K, 38th Virginia Regiment.

C. B. Jones, 82, September 17, 1921; Company G, 1st Kentucky Regiment.

J. C. McCuiston, 87, February 3, 1922; Company C, 33rd Tennessee Regiment.

J. E. Hastings, 87, July 14, 1921; Company –, 5th Tennessee Regiment.

W. W. Ayers, 91, 1922, Company H; 3rd Kentucky Regiment.

M. A. Clark, 81, September 9, 1921; Company C, 1st Confederate Cavalry.

Confederate Veteran, Published Monthly in the Interest of Confederate Associations and Kindred Topics, Nashville, TN, Vol XXX, No 5, May 1922

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