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Carroll, A. E.

The following is taken from recent letters:

Camp Mills, Long Island, New York, April 15th, 1918.

Dear Folks:---

We broke camp at Doniphan the morning of April 9th and left at 3 o'clock that afternoon for "Somewhere" landing at Camp Mills, Long Island, New York, Saturday the 13th all O.K. We paraded at Oklahoma City, Monett, Springfield and St. Louis, Mo., and at Cleveland, Ohio. It was sure some sight to witness the reviews. We arrived here in a big snow storm and found it rather tough pitching tents etc; really rather chilly for an Oklahoma'n. The boys all took turns seeing the big city of New York; Sargeant Skillon and I went up one evening and took in the sights. Long Island is just one town and it was surprisingly large too. While here will have to do all orderly work on foot as we have no horses, cars nor motors; we will be supplied these necessities "Over There."

April 22nd.

We are having tomorrow---By the time you receive these lines we will probably be far out on the rolling billows, at the mercy of the restless sea and the submarines. Last night I stood on Brooklyn Bridge and viewed the wonderful panorama, seething masses of men and a world of traffic in my rear and the oceans broad expanse stretching out before me, seemed to arise and meet the sky in the distance. I could not help but wonder where I might be one year hence but where ever I am there will be no place like home. When I arrive on the other shore, will write you, but it may be a long time before you hear from me don't worry, I'm alright, and just feeling fine.

Your loving son, A. E. Carroll.

May 11th we received the welcome message from "Somewhere."

"Arrived Safely" A. E. Carroll.

Alma Signal, Alma, KS 16 May 1918

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