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Wounded Union Officers at Seminary Hospital, May 1864


List of the Wounded Distributed Through the Washington Hospitals.


The following wounded officers, not heretofore reported, have been received at Seminary Hospital:

Maj. Geo. Fuller, 6th Maine
Capt Jacob M Leinfelter, 143d Pennsylvania
Lieut Thos G Palmer, 1st Michigan
Lieut J D Emerson, 4 Mich
Capt Jos Fricker, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves
Lieut-Col J S Tyler, 2d Vt
Lieut Jno Timmins, 6th Wis
Lieut Fred Wirtich, 83d Pa.
Capt Wm Remington, Wis
Lieut N Hendrick, 52d N Y
Lieut Jas Miller, 105th Pa
Lieut S P Stewart 61st Pa
Lieut Percival J Woomer, 93d Pennsylvania
Capt Saml Fullwood, 2d Pa
Lieut Henry Gale, 1st N Y Dragoons
Capt Warren Potter, 59th Massachusetts
Lieut Amos Ball, 11th Penn
Capt Daniel C F Bartlett, 50th
Capt Ellis Hamilton, 13th New-Jersey
Lieut Benj F Bowne, 83d New-York
Lieut Oliver C Recick, 105th Pennsylvania
Lieut Thomas Lynch, 43d New-York
Lieut Edward F Davis, 16th Maine
Capt Hiram F Smith, 49th New-York
Lieut Levi Lawrence, 57th Massachusetts
Capt William Cusack, 26th Pennsylvania
Capt Walter Morrill, 20th Maine
Capt Frank Sweet, 62d Pa
Capt John M Tobin, 9th Massachusetts
Lieut W McCord 86th N Y
Lieut John M Thompson, 48th Pennsylvania
Lieut-Col Robt C Wright 42d New-York
Capt Jas W Long, 21st Reg
Lieut J Carbaree Lay 17th Regulars
Capt F. M Nelson 8th Penn
Capt John Norris, 2d Pennsylvania Artillery
Lieut N B Ellis 20th Mass
Lieut H O Wheeler, 1st Vermont Cavalry Pennsylvania
Lieut Caleb Charles T Lee 7th Massachusetts
Col Byron Weaver 63d Penn
Lieut Calev C Vansickle 4th New-Jersey
Lieut John S B Oberender 96th Pennsylvania
Lieut Wm Moore 62d N Y
Capt Levi B Kinsey, 1st Pennsylvania rifles
Lieut Stephen Holden 152d New-York
Lieut Robt B Chamberlain 2d Massachusetts
Capt Francis P Jones, 149th Pennsylvania
Lieut John C Freeman 152d New-York
Lieut Benj F Rockafellow, 6th Michigan
Capt R M Tucker, Act In[ineligible] 5th corps
Lieut Wm G Davenport, 5th Vermont
Brig-Gen Wm H Morris, 6th Corps
Lieut Franklin C Adams 17th Maine
Capt Chas T Wetherell 6th Maine
Lieut Wash Peale 4th N Y
Lieut Thos Crawford, 14th New-York
Lieut H Gifford 93d N Y
Lieut Thos Fitch 93 N Y
Lieut Wm H Kincade 93d New York
Lieut James Allen 2d Vt
Col Geo P Foster 4th Vt
Capt John H Borden 63d Pennsylvania
Lieut A Travis Wells, 108th New-York
Lieut John W Lockwood, 111th New-York
Lieut Reuben J Myers, 111th New-York
Lieut Chas Lockersperger, 71st Pennsylvania
Lieut Thos Drury 2d U S Infantry
Lieut Wm West 2d U S Inf.
Lieut Jacob Federhen 1st Mass Light Battery
Lieut Frederick Muricke, 83d New-York
Lieut Frank L Carser, 83d New-York
Capt john R Van Alst, 83d New-York
Capt Thomas Core 148th Pennsylvania
Lieut Wm S Morris 83d New-York
Lieut Joseph Craig 105th Pennsylvania
Lieut Edward C Sutherland 20th Indiana
Lieut Lemuel Rossiter, 9th Wisconsin
Lieut J A Wood, 8th Pennsylvania Reserves
Capt W Crider 52d Penn
Lieut A W Clark 2d R I
Lieut H H Shaw 3d Maine
Lieut W Garvie 40th New York
Lieut Oscar B Ingraham 93d New York
Lieut Paul Barrager 143d Pennsylvania
Lieut Joseph B Downing 49th Pennsylvania
Capt Frank Kenfield, 17th Vermont
Lieut Jas Cleaver 8th Penn Reserves
Lieut H W T Mali, 20th Massachusetts
Capt John C Stewart 155th Pennsylvania
Maj Enoch Totten 5th Wis
Capt Ezra P Gould 59th Massachusetts
Lieut Ule Gresley 7th Wis
Capt Edward V Andrews 1st Michigan
Adjt Geo S Coleman 6th Pennsylvania Reserves
Lieut Henry Buermeyer 83d New York
Lieut W H Broughton 16th Maine
Lieut Charles A Waldron 2d Rhode Island
Capt Charles D Hollis 57th Massachusetts
Lieut Michael Mackey 99th Pennsylvania
Capt Charles Wilson Jr. 3d New Jersey
Lieut James B Brooks 4th Vermont
Capt A W Fisher 4th Vt
Lieut James C Chalmers 37th Massachusetts
Lieut Cortez Pendill 6th Michigan Cavalry
Lieut W H Steele 22d Mass
Lieut W Ball 93d N Y
Lieut W Bramhall 93d N Y
Col S Caruth 5th Mass
Capt T F Page 28th Mass
Lieut P H Welch 111th N Y
Lieut F Kirley 28th Mass
Lieut T Michener 1st N J
Capt J S Hart 1st New-Jersey Cavalry
Lieut M McMurray 98th Pennsylvania

The New York Times, New York, NY 15 May 1864

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