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Civil War Casualties at Chattanooga, TN, Nov 29, 1863

Casualties at Chattanooga.

CHATTANOOGA, Nov. 25 9 p. m via Louisville, Nov. 29.---The following are among the casualties:

Gen. Giles A. Smith, slightly
Lt Pope, Capt Davis, L. Col. Gilmare, 26th Ill, slightly
Lt Forbett, 16th regulars
Lt Curtis, 19th regulars
Adjt Col Lt Chester, Capt Smith, 88th Ill, slightly
Lt Col Davidson, 77th Ill
Adjt Bingham, 9th Ill
Col Markle, Lt Holland, Lt Betson, 71th Ill, slightly
Lts Saulsbury and Abbott, 86th Ill, slightly
Serg John E Miller, 5th Iowa
Capt Walsh, 103d Ill
Capts Robert Allison and Bashner, 5th Iowa
Lieut Col Stewart, 90th Ill, all killed
Gen. Matthies and Col. Rouman, 56th Ill, slightly wounded
Lt H N Turner, Asst Chief of Artillery on Gen. Grant's staff, flesh wound in left shoulder, not considered dangerous
Brig. General Corse, leg amputated, reported dead
Wounded, Corp Fletcher, 123d Ill
G Montgomery, A Hageman, Isaac Hale, John Henry Hale, John Henry, James Ellis, D Matheny, H G Ruir, J Swan , N Jennings,J Shopman, 84th Ill
Fred Thompson, 6th Iowa
M V Allen, Thos Barnes, T Carson , F W Miller, W A Jones, ------ Scott, J B Andrews,, 44th Ill
C Jacob, Augustus Rhinehart, Orril Morris, 86th Ill
H C Lee, 8th Ill.
Maj Innes, 6th Iowa
Capt Minter, Capt Munn, Capt O'Connor, 9th Ill
Capt W M Murphy, Lieut Conway, Capt R P Lytle, 27th Ill
------- Stout, Lt W P Browning, Capt Uttman, 6th Ill
Lt Miller, 5th Iowa
Lt Bradshaw, 40th Ill
Lt Ed Foster, 81st Ill
Color Serg Roberts, 6th Iowa
Sesg W Nelson, 5th Ill cav
W L Nash, 96th Ill
W Joyce, H A Gates, 42nd Ill
W G Miller, 73rd Ill
W S Green, 27th Ill
S F Mathews, 101st Ill
A Darling, S W Mill, 2d Min
J S McCathy, 27th Ill
C A Loaberhall, 8th Ill
W Parks do.


Maj McCauley, 10th Iowa
Lt Wyman, 27th Ill
Lt H M Love,
Corp D Gladfellow, 6th Iowa


Corp McNelly
Corp May and Corp Reburn, 4th Illinois
Crop Lundy and Thos Chesswell, 26th Ill
Joseph Buck, 103d Ill
Lloyd Wall, 6th Iowa
Jno King, Corp Hindshaw, Chas Everett, Sergt Ronaban, Lieut Harrington, Captain Cunningham, Sergt Casey and Capt Murphy, 9th Ill.
August Arnest, Jno Mayer, Sergt McDonald, John B. Thomas, W H Walch, John Bingham, Fred Fry, Chas Gould, J Reed, Jno Kincaid, Corp Compton, George Thomas, ___ Washley, Corp Harris, Corp Harlan, Geo Lane, C. McClellan, 16th Ill.
E S Bodkin, W L Coleman, Jacob Wages, H Beiman, Geo B Ward, 103d Ill.
James Durkee, Robt Copeland, Sergt Cranes, J E Rose, L H Flanagan, J A Johnson, 5th Ill.
S D Hall, John C Farrell, Wm Scott, Geo Carlton, 18th Iowa.
J H Hallice, John Smith, 16th Ill.
A Dalton, W. A Erby, H. Clark, 103d Ill.
Timothy Flygan, P J Burris, 19th Ill.

The Burlington Weekly Hawkeye, Burlington, IA 5 Dec 1863

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