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Andersonville Prison Deaths 14 Jun 1864


DEATHS JUNE 14, 1864.

E Wanen, Co H, 65 Indiana
Jno Griffin, Co I, 103d Penn
Milton Sawyer, Co F, 101st Penn
E Trout, Co F, 21st Illinois
G S Richards, Co D, 14th Va.
Geo Adkins, Co D, 6th Ind.
E Warren, Co A, 65th Ind
John Brownlee, Co I, 7th Ohio Cav--camp
F Wolf, Co E, 13th Mich--ch diarhoea[sic]
Thos O'Dear, Co F, 78th Ill--camp
T Rush, Co G, 18th Pa
Chas Benca, Co F, 183d Pa ch diarrhea
J S Hudson, Co K, 2d Tenn
C W Reed, Co A, 7th Tenn--camp
J Brooks, Co I, 135th Ohio
Geo Wilcox, Co F, 12th N Y Cav.
E Goerlt, Co H, 73d Pa
W J Row, Co B, 120th N Y --ch diarrhea
S Israel, Co B, 2d Tenn--anasarca
Wm Robinson, Co D, 77th Pa--ch diarrhea
Jas Clear, Co F, 22d Mich--ch diarrhea
Geo Crocker, Co A, 1st Ohio Artillery
J M Hazlewood, Co G, 18th Kentucky
Sergt W M Freeman, Co A, 3d Penn Artillery
Jas Bidmead, Co G, 1st R Island Cavalry
Jas Dolan, Co E, 43d N Y
Sergt S M McDonald, Co G, 2d Tennessee
H Corbin, Co A, 85th NY
Wm Jennings, Co E, 85th NY Admitted--5
Sergt Edward Smith, Co I, 9th Maryland
James Grimley, Co D, 22d Michigan
J H T Adams, Co H, 6th Md.
___ McLiddewigh, Co H, 77th New York
G Martin, Co F, 105th Ohio
Corp C Jennings, Co I 6th Indiana Cav
Owen Kidd, Co K, 126th New York
Wm Monson, Co G, 11th N H
A Taylor, Co F, 2d N Y Cav
Thomas Gensardi, Co A, 8th Kansas
F Swan, Co F, 3d Maine
A Lee, 2d N Y Ind Bat.
J McLaughlin, Co H, 2d U S--ch diarrhea
D Clemens, Co L, 6th N Y Artillery
W Shafer, Co G, 22d Mich
J Logger, Co B, 3d Va Cav
T Hickman, Co B, 9th Tenn Cavalry
J Ratcliff, Co I, 4th Iowa
Jno Shirley, Co E, 28th Ky
E Hall, Co C, 117th Ind
A Arnigh, Co K, 162d NY
Cp Wm Weed, Co I, 15th N J
Jno Culbertson, Co B, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry
S R Ide, Co H, 1st R I Cav
D Smith, Co H, 11th Penn
C O Stanley, Co E, 17th Ky
P McConagly, U S M Corps
Thos Strickland, Co E, 10th Michigan
W Ingler, Co C, 31st Ohio

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Nov 1864

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