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Allen, Henry T. - Maj. Gen.


Commander of American Army of Occupation in Germany Succumbs Suddenly

(By the Associated Press.)

BUENA CISTA SPRINGS, Pa., Aug. 30.--Major General Henry T. Allen, 71, died suddenly of heart trouble today while visiting at one of the summer cottages of the German embassy here. He was stricken while standing on the porch viewing the scenery. General Allen resided at Washington, D. C.

General Allen, one of the prominent army officers of the county, was said to have suddenly turned pale and to have stumbled from the porch as he collapsed. He died soon afterward.

Colorful Career

From start to finish of his army career, Maj. Gen. Henry T. Allen took on constantly ascending responsibilities, culminating with one of the most delicate tasks ever undertaken by an American army officer--command of the Army of Occupation in Germany after the armistice.

He had been fitted for the final major task of his life by contacts with men and conditions in many parts of the globe. Born at Sharpsburg, Kentucky, April 13, 1859, he went from preparatory school to West Point as a cadet. Soon after his graduation from the Military Academy in 1882 he made an excursion to Alaska as an explorer.

Then, in rapid succession, his army assignments carried him to Russia, Germany, Cuba, and the Philippines, and into Mexico with Pershing's punitive expedition. He went to France as a division commander, and later was a corps chieftain in the A. E. F. Distinguished service there during the World war won for him the coveted honor of heading the American forces on the Rhine.

44 Years Service

General Allen's ascendency in the military firmament terminated only when he had given a noted performance of more than 44 years continuous service. He was retired at 64, after which he lived quietly in Washington devoting most of a part of his time to writing of his full years of military adventure.

Abilene Morning Reporter-News, Abilene, TX 31 Aug 1930

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