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Revolutionary War War Heroes

Platts, Isaac Jr.Revolutionary War
Aikens, JamesRevolutionary War
Akeley, ThomasRevolutionary War
Alexander, John - EnsignRevolutionary War
Allen, Timothy Jr.Revolutionary War
Berlin, IsaacRevolutionary War
Bliss, NathanRevolutionary War
Bowman, PhineasRevolutionary War
Butler, JohnRevolutionary War
Castleton, VT Revolutionary War SoldiersRevolutionary War
Church, JohnRevolutionary War
Clark, JamesRevolutionary War
Danby, VT Revolutionary War SoldiersRevolutionary War
De Foreest, AbrahamRevolutionary War
Ellicott, AndrewRevolutionary War
Galbraith, James Jr.French & Indian War | Revolutionary War
Gates, LutherRevolutionary War | War of 1812
Gay, AllenRevolutionary War
Grey, JohnRevolutionary War
Harmon, IsraelRevolutionary War
Hatchett, EzraRevolutionary War
King, RobertRevolutionary War
Kline, JohnRevolutionary War
Lane, DanRevolutionary War
Leavitt, Asaph - Capt.Revolutionary War
Ludlow, VT Revolutionary War SoldiersRevolutionary War
McVicker, Duncan - Capt.Revolutionary War
Miller, SamuelRevolutionary War
Miller, ThaddeusRevolutionary War
Minnich, PeterRevolutionary War
Morris, Samuel - Capt.Revolutionary War
Polk, ThomasRevolutionary War
Polk, William - Lt. Col.Revolutionary War
Pratt, IsaacRevolutionary War
Prouty, Francis - LieutRevolutionary War
Prouty, Richard - CaptRevolutionary War
Revolutionary War Field Officers Alive, Jan 1829Revolutionary War
Revolutionary War Virginia State PensionsRevolutionary War
Rice, EphraimRevolutionary War
Rice, Jonas - LieutRevolutionary War

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