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Mexican War War Heroes

Given, JohnMexican War
Green, CharlesMexican War
Gullvon, Price N.Mexican War
Hall, William B.Mexican War
Harley, Jeremiah Mexican War
Harlow, Horation M.Mexican War
Hoffman, MichaelMexican War
Holister, DudleyMexican War
Hubble, OrangeMexican War
Huff, ArthurMexican War
Humphrey, George W.Mexican War
Israel, William W.Mexican War
Jamison, RobertMexican War
Johnston, John Williams - Col.Mexican War | Civil War
Jones, FlemingMexican War
Jones, TignalMexican War | Civil War
Keenan, JamesMexican War
Kemper, NimrodMexican War
Kennedy, JeromeMexican War
Laux, ClemantMexican War
Lewis, TimothyMexican War
Lucas, Luther WesleyMexican War
Marchard, John Bonnett - CommodoreMexican War | Civil War
Marshall, John J.Mexican War
Mayer, Hiram B.Mexican War
McAleer, JohnMexican War
McAleer, Mathew - Corp.Mexican War
McBaker, Thomas - 1st LieutMexican War
McCasslin, David M.Mexican War
McDougall, John - Capt.Mexican War
McGowan, John - CaptMexican War
McKeefry, DavidMexican War
McKeefry, PatrickMexican War
McQuarter, JohnMexican War
Mexican War Soldiers from Gallatin, TennesseeMexican War
Miller, AmosMexican War
Miller, Amos A.Mexican War
Morrison, Andrew J. - Col.Mexican War | Civil War
Nessa, AugustusMexican War
O'Neal, JohnMexican War

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