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Mexican War War Heroes

Alkinson, GeorgeMexican War
Alle, NoahMexican War
Allen, AlexanderMexican War
Anderson, Stephen S.Mexican War
Beau, LeroyMexican War
Belt, JosephMexican War
Berliner, BeroMexican War | Civil War
Bexley, Augustus R.Mexican War
Bookhart, SebastianMexican War
Bredin, JamesMexican War
Brown, JohnMexican War
Bush, JohnMexican War
Call, PleasantMexican War
Carlton, James - Corp.Mexican War
Carson, ParkerMexican War
Clark, GrandisonMexican War
Cole, DudleyMexican War
Condry, AlbertMexican War
Conroy, PatrickMexican War
Cook, LafayetteMexican War | Civil War
Corns, SylvesterMexican War
Cuppy, Henry H.Mexican War
Curtis, CorneliusMexican War
Curtis, JosiahMexican War | Civil War
Davis, Moses W. - CaptMexican War | Civil War
Drum, Richard Coulter - Brig. Gen.Mexican War | Civil War
Duckworth, HonsonMexican War
Duckworth, WilliamMexican War
Duzan, Mark A.Mexican War
Ellit, WhitfieldMexican War
Ephraim, JeffreyMexican War
Fanner, LoammieMexican War
Farley, John H.Mexican War
Fitzgibbon, C. G.Mexican War
Foat, OscarMexican War
Folsom, William B. - Corp.Mexican War
Fort, Oliver P. - Sgt.Mexican War
Gallagher, PeterMexican War | Civil War
George, IsaacMexican War
Gilmore, Daniel F. - Sgt.Mexican War

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