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Pennsylvania War Heroes

Dunn, JamesWar of 1812
Dunnington, ElwoodWorld War I
Dushane, J. SmithCivil War
Dymond, ElihuCivil War
Dymond, IsaacCivil War
Dymond, RobertCivil War
Dymond, Thomas J.Civil War
Eccles, John A.World War II
Echelbarger, GeorgeCivil War
Eddy, C. C.Civil War
Egbert, Harry C. _ Lieut ColSpanish American War
Eichbaum, T. S.Civil War
Elder, Reed C.Civil War
Elison, IsaacCivil War
Ellicott, AndrewRevolutionary War
Elliott, Harry - LieutCivil War
Ellis, Philip - MajSpanish American War
Elvidge, Herbert W.Spanish American War
Eminger, Daniel B.Civil War
Eminger, John H.Civil War
Engstrom, Robert D.World War II
Enoch, Howard U.World War I
Esterbrook, JosephCivil War
Evans, Charles S.Civil War
Evans, FreemanCivil War
Evans, OakleyCivil War
Evans, Randolph L.Civil War
Evans, RobertWorld War II
Everett, PA Soldiers, May 1943World War II
Everett, PhilanderCivil War
Fapet, AnselCivil War
Farnham, J. A.Civil War
Farringer, WilliamCivil War
Farrington, RichardCivil War
Faulkner, WilliamCivil War
Ferguson, Charles C.Civil War
Ferry, Patrick T.Civil War
Fetzer, William H.Civil War
Fidler, William A. - Sgt.Spanish American War
Filer, DickWorld War II

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