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Massachusetts War Heroes

Goodwin, George P.Civil War
Goodwin, Henry L. Spanish American War
Goodwin, John M. T.Civil War
Goodwin, Robert S.Civil War
Gould, Harlan W. - SergtSpanish American War
Gould, Samuel SheltonCivil War
Grafton, James IngersollCivil War
Graves, EldridgeCivil War
Gray, Haven J.Spanish American War
Greaton, Obed W.Civil War
Greely, Adolphus W.Civil War
Greenaway, William F.Spanish American War
Greene, EliphaletCivil War
Gringlen, John W.Civil War
Gunnison, Frank H.Civil War
Hale, Henry W.Civil War
Hale, Joseph, W. Jr.Civil War
Haley, Chauncey O.Civil War
Hall, DanielCivil War
Hall, GustavusCivil War
Hall, Henry WareCivil War
Hall, Joseph - SergtCivil War
Hall, William E.Spanish American War
Hamilton, Darwin F.Civil War
Harden, HenryCivil War
Harrington, Thomas F.Civil War
Harris, Romanzo A.Civil War
Harris, William HenryCivil War
Hastings, John N.Civil War
Hastings, RussellCivil War
Hatch, Augustus - Capt.Civil War
Hay, Frederick J. - CorpSpanish American War
Hazelwood, FredSpanish American War
Healey, Frank J.Spanish American War
Hennessey, PatrickCivil War
Hewitt, John C.Civil War
Hewlett, George S.Civil War
Hill, WalterSpanish American War
Hillman, ReubenCivil War
Hodgdon, Charles E.Civil War

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