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Iowa War Heroes

McMullan, Patrick - First LieutenantKorean Conflict
McNulty, Russell Fabian - CorporalKorean Conflict
Meier, George H JrKorean Conflict
Meyers, Wayne AKorean Conflict
Miller, Lowell L - SergeantKorean Conflict
Miller, Ralph "Pete"World War II
Mooney, Gordon Wayne - CorporalKorean Conflict
Nabholz, Vincent LKorean Conflict
Nass, Harold CKorean Conflict
Niemann Robert C - Second LieutenantKorean Conflict
Noble, Mont C. - 1st LieutWorld War I
Noehren, Donald D - CorporalKorean Conflict
Nye, Walter RKorean Conflict
Odell, Jimmie LKorean Conflict
Oleson, Allen K - CorporalKorean Conflict
Olsen, William E - CorporalKorean Conflict
Osterkamp, Donald E - CorporalKorean Conflict
Peach, Earl F - SergeantKorean Conflict
Person, Alfred M JrKorean Conflict
Pilmer, William TKorean Conflict
Place, Duane ClintonKorean Conflict
Price, Richard L - SergeantKorean Conflict
Puck, Virgil LKorean Conflict
Reagan, Leland O - SergeantKorean Conflict
Rice, Jimmy M. - CorporalKorean Conflict
Richardson, John L.Civil War
Robinson, Robert RKorean Conflict
Rochester, Duane F. - CorporalKorean Conflict
Rutliff, Jessie WKorean Conflict
Sardeson, Arnold LKorean Conflict
Schaefer, George JKorean Conflict
Schaffer, Clark DKorean Conflict
Scheper, Leonard - CorporalKorean Conflict
Schmidt, Duane C. - CorporalKorean Conflict
Schwartz, Willis R.World War II
Seitzinger Bernard K - MajorKorean Conflict
Sevening, William B. - CorporalKorean Conflict
Shelquist, Harry Jr Korean Conflict
Shuck, Howard R. - SergeantKorean Conflict
Smith, Chadwick Boyd - First LieutenantKorean Conflict

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